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Dynamic bends.

Its forward momentum is unmistakable even when stationary. The dynamic look is part of the Scirocco’s sporty DNA.

Front-end design

The looks keep on getting better. The Scirocco impresses with its narrow headlights and striking air inlet.

Surging forward.

Just look what’s coming! The Scirocco stands out with its striking black honeycomb structure on the radiator grille and the air inlet - while providing the powerful engines with the necessary cooling air in a highly impressive way. The light module in the lower bumper splits the turn indicator, fog light and - in the standard specification - daytime running lights vertically: narrow dividers, known as blades, ensure a clearly structured light pattern. Taken in combination with the headlights that narrow toward the centre, the result is the unmistakable squat Scirocco front-end, which hugs the road. And as far as lighting is concerned: LED turn indicators are now integrated into the exterior mirrors. A striking detail, which also enhances safety when overtaking and turning.

Rear-end design

The Scirocco’s rear end is eye-catching: twin exhaust pipe, striking lights and beefy bumpers characterise the rear.

Bound to turn heads.

As befitting a genuine sports coupé, the rear view impresses with its powerful shapes, a rear spoiler, a diffuser design with twin exhaust pipe and the practical swivel badge as the most eye-catching features. The consistently performance-focused look is also continued in the details. For instance the dark-red rear light with its sophisticated LED technology is drawn well into the middle of the vehicle. It emphasises the self-confident sportiness of the Scirocco design particularly in the dark when the striking light signature works to full effect. LEDs are also used for the license plate illumination, improving visibility with their clear, white light.

Side design

Its long wheelbase ensures stability, while the sight of its dynamic silhouette will set your pulse racing.

Perfect silhouette.

The side view with its pronounced forwards thrust is bound to set the pulse of sporty drivers racing. The flat body makes the Scirocco visually hug the asphalt on the road. The arrowhead-shaped silhouette runs from the wide rear wings to the narrow wedge-shaped headlights. The long wheelbase and the powerfully curved side sections convey a sense of reliable stability. Overall, however, a clear, tidy look dominates which promises one thing: pure driving pleasure.


The far-sighted headlight range helps you combat poor visibility and enjoy a safe journey.

Visibly safe.

The narrow headlights on the Scirocco stand out from the crowd and lend it a dynamic look. Above all though they offer optimum visibility thanks to their bright illuminated area. That way you are prepared for any lighting situation. The optional headlights with xenon lighting technology come into their own while driving in the dark thanks to a large range as well as outstanding illumination of the sides of the road. And LED daytime running lights, which are integrated into the xenon headlights, guarantee minimal energy usage as well as lower probability of failure. The xenon headlights also come with the dynamic cornering light function: the bi-xenon swivel system which follows the direction of the steering wheel optimises illumination on bends and minimises the risk of an accident. Fog lights, which are mounted in the bumpers, are also optionally available as an additional extra. The stunning side-effect is that they underline the Scirocco’s striking looks. Whatever type of headlights you choose, you can look forward to safe driving pleasure any time of day or night.

Paint finish

The sophisticated painting process prevents corrosion. And the distinctive colours are utterly alluring.

From subtle to flashy.

Sporty Pure White, mysterious Deep Black or fiery Flash Red: you determine the character of your Scirocco with the paint finish. Anyone looking to move away from the usual range of colours will find something truly extraordinary. For instance with the metallic colours: let the car shimmer in Viper Green, Rising Blue, Ultra Violet or Pyramid Gold and you’ll certainly attract lots of attention. Despite the superb colours it’s good to know that under the high-grade paintwork, the electrogalvanised surface provides reliable anti-corrosion protection.