, 2019-07-05 00:05:51

Car-Net e-Remote

Stay in touch - with your e-Volkswagen

The future is no longer distant - it is at your fingertips. Volkswagen now offers e-mobility and the Car-Net e-remote package of mobile online services, with a range of useful functions to make your day that much more enjoyable. Just connect your e- vehicle with your smart-phone via the Car-Net e-Remote app, or with your computer via the Car-Net portal to gain unlimited access and control for many functions. Get guidance to the last place you parked your e-vehicle, manage the charging process remotely, set your preferred driving ambient temperature even before you get in your car. Car-Net e-remote offers many more useful functions. so get on board and experience a wholly new kind or mobility.


Battery Management
The battery management function in Car-Net e-remote gives you complete control over the charging process in your e-Volkswagen. Using the Car-Net e-Remote app or your computer it's easy to set the power input supply as you require, and to quickly check the current level and remaining charging time. You can start and interrupt the battery charge any time.

Air conditioning
The Car-Net e-remote air conditioning service allows you to choose your preferred temperature before your journey begins. The temperature can be set quickly and easily on your computer or on your smart-phone using Car-Net e-Remote app. The service also features a handy external temperature display so you can better estimate the weather and the current temperature of the vehicle interior.

Vehicle status
The vehicle status service in Car-Net e-remote summarises all the relevant information about your e-Volkswagen. With your smart- phone or computer you can view important data such as the current mileage, battery charge level, and the resulting residual range for your e-vehicle.

Last parking position
The Car-Net e-remote last parking position service shows you exactly where your vehicle was last parked every time, and all you have to do is take a glance at your smartphone or computer. Car-Net e-remote can also calculate the best way for you to reach your vehicle. So you are always guided to your e-Volkswagen by the fastest route.

Doors and lights
You'll never again need to worry if you locked the doors of your e-vehicle and switched off the headlights. Now you can be sure. With the doors and lights function in Car-Net e-remote you can check the status of your e-Volkswagen's doors and lights at any time, even when you are away from your vehicle.

Vehicle data
Make more out of every journey with the Car-Net e-remote vehicle data function: a feature that precisely analyses past trips and shows you information on average consumption, the exact length of the journey, the amount of energy recovered through brake energy recuperation and more. This helps you better judge your own driving style and your next trip, so that in future you can drive even more efficiently.