, 2019-07-05 00:05:51

Security & Service

"Security & Service" features functions that will make your journey even safer. The Car-Net Service package offers you mobile access to important vehicle functions and combines security with transparency for even more comfort. 

Emergency Call Service features

With the Emergency Call Service you are covered in the event of a serious incident. In emergency situations, your vehicle calls for help automatically or you can press a button to do so. If your Volkswagen detects an accident, the Service connects to the Volkswagen Emergency Call Centre and passes on key information. The Emergency call Centre will deploy the emergency services if required.

Security & Service Basic features

Vehicle Health Report
Before you drive, you can get information about the current status of the vehicle. The Vehicle Health Report can be created manually or automatically and displays any existing warning messages and service events due.

Service Scheduling
When a service appointment is due, your Volkswagen communicates the data to your preferred Volkswagen Retailer or Authorised Repairer. You will then be contacted by them to agree a convenient appointment.

Breakdown Call
In the event of a breakdown, we get to your location quickly. Simply by pressing a button you can call for breakdown assistance from your vehicle which will send your location and vehicle information to the Volkswagen Roadside Assistance service. A member of staff will then help you to identify the cause of the breakdown or will dispatch a service vehicle to you if the problem cannot be solved immediately.

Automatic Accident Notification
Your Volkswagen now makes sure that you stay safe. When the crash sensor detects a slight accident, this service offers you support. If the Service is activated, your vehicle data will be transmitted following your confirmation, and a Call Centre agent will speak with you to determine the next steps.

Security & Service Plus features

Parking Position
Forgotten where you’ve parked your Volkswagen? With the Parking Position service, you just have to touch your smartphone display and it’ll tell you where your car is parked. And the quickest way to get to it, if needs be.

Driving Data
Your personal driving data at a glance: see your average speed and journey time or how much energy you consume on average to help you optimise your consumption.

Vehicle Status
See a clearly laid-out overview of all important data about your vehicle – wherever you are. Use your smartphone to make sure you know the remaining driving range or the current mileage.

Doors and Lights
With the Doors and Lights service, you can use the app to reassure you that the doors of your Volkswagen are closed and locked and that the lights are off.

Area Alert
The Area Alert Service keeps you in the picture. You get automatic notifications when your vehicle is driven in or leaves certain areas at specified times.

Speed Alert
With the “Speed Alert” service, you can activate selected speed limits which the driver of your vehicle should follow. You are automatically notified if the defined speed is exceeded.

Horn & Turn Signals
The horn and hazard warning lights can be remotely controlled via the Car-Net app with the Horn & Turn Signals Service.

Online Anti-Theft Alarm
Sit back and relax – your Volkswagen can look after itself. If an attempt is made to break into the car, you will be notified by the Volkswagen Car-Net app on your smartphone or by email, and informed of the circumstances of the incident.1

1. Use of Car-Net Security & Service is governed in a separate Contract concluded online with Volkswagen AG. The customer has 90 days after vehicle handover to register the vehicle at www.volkswagen.com/Car-Net. This will enable the customer to use Services for the full period of validity. The Emergency Call Service is already activated when the vehicle is delivered, without registration being required. Availability of Car-Net Services may vary depending on the country in question. The services are available during the agreed contractual period and may be subject to amendments during the duration of the contract. To use the free Car-Net app you will need a smartphone with iOS or Android operating system and a SIM card with a data option. You will also need an appropriate mobile phone contract already in place or separately arranged with your mobile phone provider. Depending on your mobile tariff, sending and receiving data online may incur additional charges (e.g. roaming charges), particularly if you are using Car-Net abroad. For more information on Car-Net Security & Service, go to www.volkswagen.com/Car-Net or contact your Volkswagen dealership. For information on your mobile rates, please contact your mobile phone provider.