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e-mobility in everyday life.

This is how normal the future looks: testing e-mobility in everyday life.

What is it that fascinates people about electric mobility? And what are the main benefits for drivers of an electric model? The unique driving experience and the vehicle’s silent gliding along the road, to name but two. Or at least that’s what our testers, who have tried out our hybrid and electric models, tell us. And they’ve also got so much more to report. But see for yourself.


The power of silence: Michel Kreppold even switches the radio off in his e-Golf.

Michel Kreppold drives a total of 120 kilometres every day to and from work in his e-Golf. He thinks it’s really great that he can now charge it at lots of charging points. That’s why he also believes that the e-Golf represents a win-win situation for him and his family: there’s plenty of space for everyone – with the comfort he has come to expect from a Golf.


Even inspires entire families: the little e-up!

Being independent is a way of life for the Kavemann family. They even have their own photovoltaic system to generate the electricity for their e-up! The whole family is enthusiastic about the silent and relaxing driving experience, from mum Bianca to son Luca.


An entire ‘electric’ company: the attraction of the Passat GTE.

Apart from its quietness in electric mode, Dr. Alfons Roerkohl is particularly impressed by the efficiency of his Passat GTE. He uses it as a company car and is also happy to share it with his employees, who are also surprised by its spaciousness and the relaxed driving experience.


The e-Golf fully charged: Alexander Weber and his family enjoy it every day.

Three points were important to Alexander Weber in a family car: a spacious luggage compartment and plenty of space, both on the rear seat bench for his children and also for himself and his wife as drivers. He really appreciates the fact that the e-Golf effortlessly offers him all that. And he is all the happier that he can conveniently charge his e-Golf at night letting him head off in it in the morning and drive around cost-effectively throughout the day.

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