Designed with sustainability in mind

Concept: sustainably impressive

The ID. LIFE has been designed with sustainability in mind. To see how, you have to look no farther than the organic clear coat of paint used on its body. Recycled wood chips dyed blue have been incorporated into the paint to help it make an unmistakable impression. The ID. LIFE owes its striking bonnet and roof design to an air-chamber fabric made from recycled PET bottles, a feature that further reduces the vehicle’s weight. The vehicle’s interior also shows how good sustainability can look: Selected recycled materials and FSC-certified wood turn it into something of a second living room. The vehicle glides down the road on tyres that include a high proportion of renewable raw materials such as natural rubber and rice husks. The result is a low-noise and CO2-free form of mobility.



Interior: innovative, comfortable, convertible

The trip into the future starts the moment you unlock the car. The ID. LIFE uses a camera to see who will be driving it. Classic mirrors and switches are also replaced in the reduced cockpit by cameras, displays and a touch-sensitive steering wheel. The driver controls many functions via his or her smartphone. To make you feel right at home, the vehicle’s seats can be effortlessly transformed into a lounge, storage space or sleeping accommodations. For gamers and series junkies, the ID. LIFE has an ace up its sleeve: A games console, projector and screen are integrated into its infotainment system and provide the best entertainment while the vehicle is being loaded, among other things.

Exterior: reduced, compact, timeless

Design is a language. Thanks to its powerful proportions and emphatically reduced form, the timeless design of the ID. LIFE speaks for itself. The special feature: The monolithically designed body has no ornamentation or attachments whatsoever – making it appear as though it were cast from a single mould. As the first ID. Model ever, the ID. LIFE is also equipped with electric front-wheel drive. This creates an extensive amount of flexibility and space for passengers and luggage. A highlight on top: the air-chamber textile roof with its customisable diamond pattern is attached to the bodywork with zippers. It can be easily removed as a result. The ID. LIFE offers a lot of design freedom – and above all: a totally open-air feeling.

Styling: minimalist design, maximum design freedom

For the ID. LIFE we have developed a strikingly clear, high-quality look that focuses on a minimalist amount of materials and colours. This purist style is underlined by the horizontal division between the body, glass surfaces and roof and continues into the interior, which is inspired by modern furniture design with its harmonious colour and lighting concept: The basic colours are bright and reduced, the surfaces and an anthracite-coloured high-pile carpet are complemented by real wood and accents in violet. The decors of the doors are also illuminated in subtle colours to match. This creates a calming and at the same time warm atmosphere in the ID. LIFE creates a calming and at the same time homely atmosphere.