ID. Buzz
At home anywhere.

ID. Buzz
At home anywhere.

We believe that shaping the future of mobility means: Electromobility for everyone. With maximum freedom, enthusiasm and personality. We develop cars that show what kind of people are driving them. And what kind of lives they lead. That’s why we work on big ideas and intricate details that will make the future better for everyone.

Family portrait in front of the ID. Buzz electric camper van

Be it in the form of a compact car, CUV or saloon – our ID. models are perfectly tailored to your needs and reflect the unique way you view the world. Just like the concept car, the ID. Buzz, for instance. This electric van is Volkswagen’s attempt to bring its iconic camper van back to the future, giving you even more freedom to discover the world. So that you can keep having new adventures, no matter where you are. Because the ID. Buzz is a concept vehicle, however, you still have to wait a while before you see it on the market. But, as we all know, the anticipation is almost always the best part.


The ID. Buzz. Packed full with our best ideas, it redefines what a car can achieve in this day and age: a pioneer, a mobile home, and space for creativity. If you want, the ID. Buzz can even learn your favourite songs. And it knows the best ways to support you on your journey. Take its variable space concept, for instance, and all the room it provides for your family and adventures. Head off into the great outdoors and sleep under the stars. With the AR head-up display, you will find even the most remote destinations with ease. Feel the wind and sea breeze in your hair. Evoke long-lost memories. Light up, just like the eyes of the ID. Buzz when it welcomes you with a personalised greeting from its intelligent LED headlights.

ID. Buzz electric camper van seen from the side on a country road

The ID. Buzz by Volkswagen is a friend to all the family. And a trusty companion in the stresses of everyday life. After all, the electric car is equipped with everything you need to make your life easier: cutting-edge comfort, a brand new interior design, plus fully automated driving in the not too distant future. The driver becomes the passenger. So, you have the freedom to do what inspires you.

Space-saving miracle. Ready for life’s big adventures. 

To make sure you stay flexible in your ID. Buzz, we paid extra close attention to making best possible use of the space. The spacious luggage compartment offers plenty of space for big ideas. And if you want, you can even free up even more storage space in the interior in just a few steps. It’s easy thanks to the flexible seating concept. 

view from the panoramic roof into the interior of the ID. Buzz electric camper van

AR navigation. High-tech design for pioneers. 

The ID. Buzz is a ground-breaking vehicle. Its AR head-up display projects navigation instructions directly onto the road in front of the car. And thanks to augmented reality projections, the arrows will always point precisely where you need to go. As a result, you can always reach your destination without your eyes leaving the road. 

the AR-Head-Up-Display in the ID. Buzz navigates the driver without them having to take their eyes off the road

LED eyes. An eye on the essentials.

Instead of the typical round headlights, the ID. Buzz comes with intelligent LED “eyes” that communicate interactively with drivers and pedestrians. For instance, if you’re about to turn a corner, the headlights will point in the direction you’re heading. And if the ID. Buzz notices any pedestrians or cyclists on the edge of the road, it can even “look” at them and use subtle light signals to attract their attention. Pretty forward-looking, right?  

Touchpad. Reinventing the wheel.

The ID. Buzz is incredibly easy to drive because everything is intuitively geared towards the driver. There are no buttons or knobs in the cockpit. And thanks to the touchpad on the steering wheel, a simple touch is all it takes to use its functions. One tap on the steering wheel and you’re ready for your next adventure.

Steering wheel with touchpad of the ID. Buzz electric camper van

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