view from the panoramic roof into the interior of the ID. Buzz electric camper van

The ID. Family.
The future of electric mobility

The ID. Family.
The future of electric mobility

The ID. Family offers everything you can expect from the mobility of the future: it is electric, efficient and locally emission-free – the perfect solution for Ireland's increasingly mobile and urban society.

The all-electric ID.3

A new, dynamic era in the world of electric mobility has begun with the ID.3. Electrifying performance meets groundbreaking design and ranges suitable for everyday use. 

The all-electric ID.4

The ID.4 combines the best of two worlds: the versatility of a modern SUV with the sustainable performance of an electric vehicle. For everyone who wants everything. And without compromises.

The new ID. Buzz - simply galactic

The new ID. Buzz is more than just "high tech” – it’s "human tech". An intelligent companion that instantly creates positive vibes with its characteristic smile. Welcome to the newest member of the ID. Family.

Ready when you are: the ID. Crozz

If you could reinvent mobility, what would it look like? We have developed a concept car which electrifies your everyday life. Our vision of electric crossover, the ID. Crozz, offers plenty of range and driving pleasure for anyone who is at home in the city and in nature. Are you ready?

Our vision for electric mobility: ID. Vizzion

The best way to foresee the future is to invent it yourself. Take the ID. Vizzion, for instance: Our vision of a premium class saloon which intelligently combines a progressive design with pioneering technology. The practical proof that the future has long since begun.

One module.
Many models.  

From city cars and SUVs to 7-seaters: The modular electric drive matrix offers everything you can expect from electric mobility in future. Look forward to more space, flexibility, comfort and dynamics. Or put differently: a whole new kind of mobility.

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