Sustainable charging at home and on the go

The e-mobility of the future is suitable for everyday use, convenient and, most importantly, sustainable, regardless of whether you are on the go or relaxing at home.

Stage Sustainibility

our Volkswagen charging concept

Sustainability has to be simple. That is why we provide everything from a single source, from the electric vehicle to green electricity. And everything in between.

  • ID. Charger (wall box)
  • ID. Charger installation service
  • We Charge
ID.3 and charging concept

Charge at home

Did you know that ID.3 drivers with a private parking space will probably charge 80% of their electricity at home? That is why we provide our own home power tariff through our subsidiary Elli, letting you be green at home and on the road. It is good for the environment and with the ID. Charger and installation service, charging is quick and easy.

ID. Charger – the Volkswagen wall box

Bring your filling station to your home with our ID. Charger. That means you can enter your fully charged ID.3 in the morning and start the day at full power. You recharge your batteries in your sleep, so to speak. The ID. Charger is available in three versions (with and without a data connection and remote access) and with varying charge capacity – up to 11 kW depending on your connection. That is equivalent to enough current for a range of around 300 km in around five hours of charging. Depending on the version, the ID. Charger Connect also integrates connectivity functions such as app control or remote maintenance (optionally via LTE).

Additionally, the ID. Charger can be supplied with a built-in meter so you never lose track of your charging activity. The ID. Charger will soon be available to order online or from your Volkswagen dealership directly.

Illustration ID.3 charging at wallbox
Camouflaged Prototype
Illustration ID.3 and Installationsservice

ID. Charger – installation service

We will soon be providing a free online pre-check in order to ensure that your home has the ideal prerequisites for an ID. Charger. You can check whether an ID. Charger can be installed in your home with just a few clicks of your mouse. Order our standard installation package and we will double-check everything in person as part of a home check. Better to be safe than sorry. You will then also know the maximum available charging capacity for charging your ID.3. If necessary, we will provide you with an expanded supplementary quotation tailored to your specific circumstances. Assembly by the installation service will then be ready to go. In short: Everything from a single, convenient source.

Order your home charger

With our ID. Charger you’re choosing a modern charging solution. So individual that you’ll always find the perfect option and installation type to suit your needs. 

Charge on the go

In order to achieve our own stated objective of a net carbon-neutral ID.31, we have even made it possible for you to charge your vehicle on the go – simply and sustainably. The key: We Charge.


Illustration charging via Smartphone und We Charge

Charging with We Charge

We Charge is your digital connection to over 150,000 charging stations throughout Europe and makes it even easier to charge your ID.3. You can also plan routes along the public charging station network with ease and navigate to vacant stations such as those of IONITY where different service levels are available depending on your preferred contract. Not only do these fast-charge stations boast exceptionally high power, they are already up to 100% green – where available in the country in question.

Paying with We Charge

With We Charge, payments too are easy and transparent through your chosen charging current contract. Invoice included. Throughout Europe at the tethered loading stations. Convenient with a smartphone with the We Connect app1 from Volkswagen. Authentication at the charging station requires either the We Charge pass (an RFID card), the app (a QR code) or Plug & Charge in future, when the charging station will be able to identify you from your electric vehicle. And while you are charging your vehicle, you can use the app to check and manage the charging status on the move or set it to notify you when the charging process is complete. Everything is automatic. We Charge, so to speak.

Illustration paying via Smartphone and We Charge

More about Volkswagen

1. Manufacture and delivery of the ID.3 and ID.4 to the retailer are independently certified as net carbon-neutral by TUV Nord.  Net carbon-neutrality is achieved through a combination of both emission reduction and off-setting unavoidable emissions.  You can download the TUV Nord certificate for ID.3 here Opens an external link  and you can download the TUV Nord certificate for ID.4 here Opens an external link. This independent certification is audited and reconciled quarterly.  It excludes use and life-cycle post-handover at the retailer. For production, we rely on energy efficiency and the use of green electricity to avoid emissions wherever possible. In the meantime, the share of emissions during the manufacturing phase that are unavoidable in the short term will be successively reduced and offset through certified climate projects.