A VW service employee is checking the oil level of a VW car

Oil isn’t just oil

Volkswagen Genuine Engine Oil guarantees a top performance


Volkswagen Genuine Engine Oil guarantees a top performance


The right oil is like a liquid component, providing an ideal complement to your engine, protecting it and enabling peak performance. Discover here which engine oil you should buy for your car and what functions the two oils labelled 0W-20 and 0W-30 have.

Far more than just standard

Innovations that are continuously optimised to push the boundaries of engine performance, while simultaneously surpassing standard approvals and specifications: our high performance engine oils.

Volkswagen Genuine Fuel Economy Engine Oil

Oil isn’t just oil: LongLife IV meets all requirements of the new generations of petrol and diesel engines that feature particulate filters with extended service intervals. And thanks to the unique green colour of the oil, it is unmistakeable.

  • Tailor-made for your Volkswagen:
    For approved engines with VW standard 508.00 and 509.00.
  • Protects your engine:
    Due to a reduced ash content and viscosity index 0W-20, which ensures the right consistency even at low temperatures. Learn more about viscosity here.
  • Needs no other additives:
    The additives keep the engine clean and prevent a build up of sludge.
  • Suitable for short-distance drivers:
    Thanks to less friction and reduced oil resistance in the engine.
The right decision

They are tailor-made for your Volkswagen, protect your engine and match your driving style – the high standard of our Volkswagen Genuine Engine oils. Moreover, you’ll benefit from our knowledge. We’ll be happy to help to advise you which engine oil is the right one for you.

A VW service employee takes care of the right engine oil for your car
The 1 l oil bottle – VW engine oil to go
Always have 1 l of oil on hand

Perfect for taking on longer journeys: Our small bottle of oil for on the road. Simply stowed away in the luggage compartment. It’s especially important to have 1 l of the right grade in the car when you head off on holiday, as LongLife III oils according to the VW standards 504.00 or 507.00 and LongLife IV oils according to the VW standards 508.00 and 509.00 are not available everywhere.

The high-quality additives in the container are your engine’s essential vitamins and minerals. When kept in its original container, the engine oil can be safely stored for at least four years.

Purchase your Volkswagen Genuine Oil top up online today.

An oil change in the workshop – stay mobile with the right oil

Oil change for your Volkswagen

Do you know when it’s time to refill the engine oil? We have compiled a range of information, dates and much more on our oil knowledge page.
Volkswagen Genuine Oil Filter
Increasing engine power with decreasing fuel consumption

Our genuine oil filter

Oil filters clean circulating engine oil of dust, metal abrasion, oil carbon and soot particles so that only cleaned oil reaches lubrication and bearing points. This prevents wear and ensures a long engine life. The Volkswagen Genuine Oil Filter maintains both the oil quality and the performance and economy of your engine.

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