A VW service employee takes care of the right engine oil for your car

Tips and tricks for engine oil – the lubricant in your engine

Do you know how to measure the oil level correctly, what viscosity means or what the engine oil warning lights in your vehicle signify? We have compiled the answers to these questions for you.

A VW service employee is conducting an oil change on a VW car, as part of either the flexible or fixed service – VW oil change
Time for an oil change?

The service interval display in the main display will remind you

Your owner’s manual will inform you when it’s time for an oil change. There are two types of intervals when it comes to changing the engine oil:

  • Flexible service:
    According to the service interval display, but at the latest after two years or 30,000 km
  • Fixed service:
    Every 15,000 km, but at least once a year
Warning lamps: engine oil

Here, you’ll find an overview of the warning displays related to engine oil – so you know what you have to do. Additional information can be found in your manual – also available online in our Warning Lights section.

Engine oil level too low or engine oil level faulty

  • Illuminated: Engine oil level is too low.
    Switch off the engine and check the oil level.
  • Flashing: Engine oil system faulty.
    Visit a specialist and have the engine oil sensor checked.

Measuring the oil level correctly

Even the best engine oil needs the correct fill level to protect your engine. Too little oil: Metal rubs on metal and may damage the engine. Too much oil: It can get into the combustion chamber and damage the catalytic converter. So, make sure you check the oil level on a regular basis. Read here about how to measure it correctly.


Warm up your Volkswagen by driving at least 10 km.

Illustration of a VW car and the advice to drive ten kilometres: checking the oil level

Park your Volkswagen on a flat surface and switch off the engine. Leave it to stand for two minutes so the warm engine oil can collect in the oil pan.

Illustration of a VW car and the advice to switch off the engine: checking the oil level

Open the bonnet and remove the oil dipstick.

Illustration of a VW car with open bonnet and the advice to remove the oil dipstick: checking the oil level

Clean the oil dipstick with a lint-free cloth.

Illustration of an oil dipstick and the advice to clean it: checking the oil level

Finally, insert the dipstick in the measuring opening slowly to prevent the oil from sloshing around.

Illustration of an oil dipstick and the advice to insert it in the measuring opening: checking the oil level

Carefully remove the oil dipstick and read the oil level: The oil film must be between the min. and max. markings. If it is, you can completely reinsert the oil dipstick and carry on driving. If not, you should either refill the engine oil or contact your Volkswagen authorised repairer.

Illustration of different oil levels and their assessments: checking the oil level
A VW service employee refills the engine oil in a VW car – engine oil with the right viscosity
Engine oil viscosity FAQs

Engine oils differ not only in terms of their properties, but also in terms of their flow properties – the viscosity. When selecting the right engine oil, consult your Volkswagen authorised retailer, they will be happy to assist.

Your engine oil

To be able to achieve a top performance, your Volkswagen needs the right oil. Are you interested in obtaining an overview of the different types? We have put together a list of the properties and advantages of our engine oils.  

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