A blue Volkswagen Polo 4 9N3 parks on a street: useful facts, accessories and highlights
A blue Volkswagen Polo 4 9N3 parks on a street: useful facts, accessories and highlights
A blue Volkswagen Polo 4 9N3 parks on a street: useful facts, accessories and highlights
A blue Volkswagen Polo 4 9N3 parks on a street: useful facts, accessories and highlights

The Polo 4 9N3: useful facts, accessories and highlights

The Polo 4 9N3: useful facts, accessories and highlights

From 44 kW (60 hp) to 132 kW (180 hp), sporty and convenient: The fourth generation of our versatile cult model has been captivating the automotive world as Type 9N3 since 2005 and was produced until 2009. You’ll find all the information on your Polo 4 9N3 here.

The versatility of the Polo 4 (9N3) models

With the huge array of variations available, the Polo 4 can really show off its incredible range of features – which is a good match for you? Sporty or more convenient?

Polo 4 highlights

A red Polo 4 GTI is driving on a racetrack – VW Polo 9N3 highlights

Versatile and custom-made – a range of models and matching equipment. Enjoy the highlights of the Polo 4.

Polo 4 BlueMotion: Aerodynamically-shaped vehicle body and 5-speed manual gearbox with rpm reduction at lower consumption values. That’s what makes the Polo 4 BlueMotion the most economical model of its generation. Its power is provided by the 1.4 l TDI engine, with an output of 50 kW (80 hp).

Polo 4 GTI: The GTI element in “Red”, the radiator grille in “Black” with honeycomb structure and the roof spoiler give it away: This is one sporty model. Not only on the outside, but inside too: With approx. 15 mm lowered sports running gear, turbo-charging up to 110 kW (150 hp) and standard equipment with ESC.

Safety: Your Polo 4 (9N3) is equipped as standard with ABS, (side) airbags for driver and front passenger, and three-point seat belts. Thanks to the standard ISOFIX retaining rings, kids can sit comfortably in ISOFIX child seats. Support also comes in the form of a third, raised brake light, a newly designed tail light cluster and, upon request, a fog light, for a relaxed drive.

The interior design and the seats as highlights of a Volkswagen Polo 4 type 9N3
The “GT Rocket” logo of a red Volkswagen Polo 4

Assistance systems: The Electronic Stabilisation Programme (ESC, standard equipment from 74 kW upwards) engages with the engine and brake management systems to stabilise the vehicle. With the optional ParkPilot system your Polo is able to recognises parking spaces within the system boundaries and then helps you to manoeuvre into the space. You only need to focus on the accelerator, brake and clutch, and can keep an eye on the vehicle surroundings.

Design: Compact, high-quality and a real head-turner – e.g. thanks to the transparent glass cover for twin headlights and indicators, which show off the fascinating technology within.

Comfort: Electro-hydraulic power steering, electric windows at front, central locking system and much more make your Polo a relaxing place to be. The three equipment lines – Comfortline, Trendline and Sportline – and the various equipment packages provide everything you could want and more.

When is the next service for your Polo 4?

Regular visits to the workshop will preserve more than just the value of your car: they’ll also ensure your 9N3 operational safety and the free-of-charge LongLife Mobility Guarantee. The year of construction of your vehicle is what decides when it’s time for an inspection. With regards to the services conducted, Volkswagen splits them into two categories: with or without an oil change.

A VW service employee measures the oil level while an inspection of a car – Volkswagen Service for Polo 4

When is it time for the next service?

Year of construction from 2004 onwards

  • Interval Service (with oil change): flexible up to a maximum of two years
  • Inspection Service: every 60,000 km or every four years*

Year of construction from 2008 onwards

  • Inspection Service after 60,000 km or three years, then every 60,000 km or every two years*

*Depending on which occurs first

These intervals are there to preserve the operational safety and the value of your Polo. Moreover, you’ll benefit from the LongLife Mobility Guarantee: The ultimate Volkswagen Breakdown Service remains free-of-charge when you observe the recommended service units.

Tyres and rims for your Polo 4

It’s important to make sure you have the right size tyres and rims for your 9N3 for every season. When it comes to the size of tyres and rims, other factors may come into play, such as wheel housing extensions (FLAPS), sports running gear and/or deactivated head and side airbags in 4-door vehicles. Under these conditions, 9N models can manage a tyre width of up to 205 mm, a height-width ratio of up to 40%, a tyre or rim diameter of up to 17" and a rim width of up to 7.5".

These dimensions also apply to the GTI and GTI Cup Edition models.

A detailed view of the wheel of a red Volkswagen Polo GTI – VW tyres and rims for Polo 4

With a rim diameter of 17" and a rim width of 7.5", the CrossPolo special edition model can even be driven on 215 mm wide tyres.

Apart from that, the following points generally apply for all other 9N models:

  • Tyre width: between 155 and 195 mm
  • Height-width ratio: between 50 and 80%
  • Tyre and rim diameter: 13 to 15"
  • Rim width: between 5 and 6"
  • Rim offset: between 35 and 43 mm

And where can you find this information on the tyres or rims? Check out our pages on tyre and rim knowledge to find out. Do you also want to know which wheel/tyre combinations are approved for your Polo? Then the rim knowledge page is right place for you!

Go to tyre knowledge

More Polo 4

When and where you use your Volkswagen can change from day to day: Stay flexible – matching accessories for your Polo 4 are available in our Accessories World.

View Accessories

The Polo as a new vehicle

It’s waiting for you: Whether it’s the Polo “beats”, the Polo TGI or the Polo GTI. Check out the configurator here – and your individual dream Polo 6.

Disclaimer by Volkswagen

  • Volkswagen Group Ireland Limited (“VWGI”) believes the specifications and pricing on this website to be accurate and correct at the date of publication. Specifications, pricing, standard equipment, options, fabrics and colours are subject to change without notice by VWGI. Please note that some possible configurations may no longer be available in production or stock. Contact your retailer for the latest information. Some vehicles are pictured with options that may be available at extra cost or may not be available on some models. Ask your retailer about availability of options and verify that the vehicle you ordered includes the equipment you ordered. Prices exclude the maximum delivery charge of €1,000, model shown is for illustrative purposes only.

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