The rear view of a silver Volkswagen Polo 5 “beats” standing at night in front of a club
The rear view of a silver Volkswagen Polo 5 “beats” standing at night in front of a club
The rear view of a silver Volkswagen Polo 5 “beats” standing at night in front of a club
The rear view of a silver Volkswagen Polo 5 “beats” standing at night in front of a club

A whole host of Polo 5: a total of 23 6R (2009–2014) and 6C (2014–2017) models

A whole host of Polo 5: a total of 23 6R (2009–2014) and 6C (2014–2017) models

With the fifth generation of the Polo, it’s innovation with a capital “I” with the 6R and 6C models. Plus a wide range of special editions, such as the Polo 5 GTI, Polo 5 R WRC or the CrossPolo. Discover it now!

Small car, huge choice – the 6R, 6C and special edition models

From TDI, DSG to R-Line – a single name unites them all: Polo V. Discover these models, plus many more special editions and equipment packages.

Polo 5 highlights

The BiFuel logo of a silver Volkswagen Polo 5 car

The variety of models and equipment options available for the Polo V make it a truly special car. Discover additional highlights from the whole model series here.

Polo BlueGT: When less power is needed, the Active Cylinder Management automatically switches to the fuel-efficient dual cylinder mode. The aerodynamic rear spoiler reduces wind resistance and the 15 mm lowered running gear and radiator grille in “Black” with GT lettering leave no doubt as to the Polo special sporting attributes.

Polo R WRC: Feels right at home on the road: With 162kW (220 hp), it’s got the most powerful engine of the 5th generation Polo. With 16" disc brakes at the front and rear, you’ll have all that power under control. The “Top” WRC-design sports seats and the multi-function sports steering wheel complete the lasting impression made by all 2,500 units of this limited edition Volkswagen.

BiFuel: The BiFuel dual drive concept combines petrol and liquefied petroleum gas – switch between them while driving by pushing the button. The benefits: Greater fuel range for lower costs and less damage to the environment. LPG engines installed ex-works are also more durable than the retrofitted variety – which is why we offer BiFuel in five different Polo V models/equipment options.

A silver VW Polo 5 with ParkPilot parks at night on a street next to a young man
A detailed view of a VW Polo 5 cockpit – Volkswagen interior with infotainment and connectivity systems

Technology: The 6R already offers a range of electronic co-pilots to support you in your driving: Including cruise control system, fog lights with static cornering light and ParkPilot. A model update means that the 6C can take it to the next level: With the “Rear View” rear view camera system, automatic adaptive cruise control (ACC) or “Front Assist” area monitoring system with City Emergency Braking System.

Infotainment and connectivity: You can have your pick of several high-quality radio navigation systems, such as the “RNS 310” for the 6R or the “Composition/Discover Media” for the 6C. Rather play your own music? Thanks to the MEDIA-IN or AUX-IN multimedia socket, you can connect external audio files. In the 6C, you can use App-Connect to connect your smartphone with your Polo.

Convenience and function: Use the multi-function steering wheel to control your radio – or a connected smartphone – conveniently from your steering wheel. The perfect temperature is kept at a constant by the “Climatronic” air conditioning system and the air stays beautifully clean – thanks to the integrated activated charcoal filter. The air conditioning system also cools the glove compartment.

Design: The radiator grille with chrome strip immediately reflects the elegance of the Polo. The halogen or LED headlights on the 6C emphasise its sporty nature, the 6R features halogen or bi-xenon headlights. The striking tail light cluster puts the tail centre stage – with integrated indicators in the 6R, and rear fog light, brake and reversing lights in the 6C.

Service appointments for your Polo 5

Maintenance and inspection works are an integral part of the care your Polo 5 needs, and are essential for its upkeep. Find out here how to recognise when your next appointment is due, even when you’ve covered hundreds or even thousands of kilometres.

A VW service employee measures the oil level of a Volkswagen while maintenance and inspection works – Service intervals of the Polo 5

When is it time for the next service?

The service schedule and sticker in the door pillar or the service interval display in your cockpit – where to find your next service appointment depends on one thing: Is it with or without an oil change?

  • Service appointments without an oil change are listed in the service schedule or the door pillar
  • Service appointments with an oil change are indicated on the service interval display in the cockpit

Inquire about the next service appointment using the service interval display.

Switch on the ignition. Important: The engine must not be running. Set the trip metre to zero and hold down the reset button for approximately two seconds. You will then see how many days and kilometres you have left before the next inspection. The trip metre will then return to the previous value.


A rear view of a blue VW Polo 5 standing on a parking space in a city

The right tyre and rim size for your Polo 5

Height, width, type, whether it’s summer or winter: The wheels and tyres that your Polo cruises the streets on are important. Find out here about the right tyre and rim sizes.

With a rim diameter of 17", the CrossPolo can have a rim width of up to 7.5". The special edition Polo WRC model is the only fifth Generation Polo that can be driven with 7.5" wide and 18" high rims – meaning the heigh-width ratio of the tyre is only 35%.

A detailed view of a blue Polo 5 wheel with tyre and VW Genuine rim – Volkswagen Accessories

Apart from that, the following points generally apply for all other Polo 5 models:

  • Tyre width: between 175 and 215 mm
  • Height-width ratio: between 40 and 70%
  • Tyre and rim diameter: 14 to 17"
  • Rim width: between 5 and 7"
  • Rim offset (in German ‘ET’): between 35 and 46 mm

Where can you find this information on the tyres or rims? Our tyre knowledge or rim knowledge pages contain everything you need to know. Then you’ll also know which wheel/tyre combinations are approved for your Polo.

Go to tyre knowledge

Your Polo 5 in top condition

Only an individually kitted out Polo is truly your Polo. Matching accessories are available in our Accessories World.

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