A woman on a skateboard drives past a red VW up! Join with summer tyres

Summer wheels and tyres

The right choice when temperatures get above 7 °C

The right choice when temperatures get above 7 °C

With the right summer tyres and summer wheels, you’ll stay cool in the heat and be safe out on the road. Thanks to the special rubber compound, you can benefit from less wear-and-tear and a lower fuel consumption in high temperatures.

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Gives heat the cold shoulder

Summer tyres

The wheels of your Volkswagen play an important part in your driving safety – and make a real difference to the whole look of the car. With Volkswagen summer complete wheels, you’ll be well-prepared – as soon as temperatures exceed 7 °C, summer tyres are the clear winner.

Complete wheels: Find your wheel/tyre combination for the summer

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Kick off the summer season with exclusive quality and a modern design

Our summer wheels are characterised by a tailor-made wheel-tyre combination, which is perfectly matched – both visually and technically – to your vehicle. And by excellent contact with the road – thanks to our collaboration with leading tyre manufacturers.

Summer tyre facts and FAQs


Fewer flat tyres, more mobility. Find out about self-sealing tyres with sealing technology here.

Volkswagen Wheel and Tyre Storage Service

Small accessory with a big impact

Our dynamic hub cap will take your wheels to the next level. Unlike conventional hub covers, it does not rotate with the tyre, so the Volkswagen logo stays in place during the drive and in every parking position. A real head-turner!

Volkswagen Tyre Care

Have you ever had a flat tyre? Or did your tyre burst? 

When you buy new tyres from participating Volkswagen retailers, there is an extra safety bonus: Volkswagen tyre insurance is included in the tyre price and insures tyre damage that goes beyond the warranty of the tyre manufacturer.

Terms and conditions apply.

Detailed view of a VW tyre profile – 36 months Volkswagen Tyre Insurance

Volkswagen Service Plan 

Service and repair for your Volkswagen