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Rim knowledge

Volkswagen Accessories and Genuine Rims

Volkswagen Accessories and Genuine Rims

Rims allow you to give your Volkswagen a visual boost, exactly the way you want. But what exactly do the terms offset, bolt pattern or type mean? We’ll explain the meaning behind them. 

Parts and accessories: A wider choice for you

View details on both Volkswagen Genuine Rims and rims from Volkswagen Accessories here.

The middle number of a Volkswagen Genuine Rim is -601-

The Certificate of Conformity (CoC) contains a list of the genuine rims that are suitable for your vehicle – all of which have been tested as wheel/tyre combinations by the MOT association. These rims are Volkswagen Genuine Parts®, which are mounted ex-works. Of course, you can also equip your vehicle with genuine rims at a later date. The middle number of a genuine rim is -601-. Have you chosen a wheel and tyre combination from the CoC for Volkswagen Genuine Rims? Contact your Volkswagen reatiler to place an order.

Rim labelling – explained in six steps

Discover here what the abbreviations on your rims mean, such as 7.0 J X 17, ET49, LK112/5.

Rim width
7,0 J x 17, ET49, LK112/5

The first number indicates the width of the rim in inches. In this example, it’s 7" wide.

Illustration of the rim width of a Volkswagen rim
Rim type
7,0 J x 17, ET49, LK112/5

The letter after the width indicates the shape of the rim flange, i.e. how the rim is built. Older rims, e.g. for the Beetle sometimes have the letter B as a rim contour.

Illustration of the rim types of Volkswagen rims
Rim diameter
7.0 J x 17, ET49, LK112/5

16" or 19". The number after the x indicates the diameter of the rim. In this example, this is 17".

Illustration of the rim diameter of a Volkswagen rim
Rim offset
7,0 J x 17, ET49, LK112/5

The offset (ET) describes the distance in millimetres between the vertical wheel centre and the inner wheel contact surface. In the example it is 49 mm.

Illustration of the rim offset of a Volkswagen rim
Bolt pattern
7.0 J x 17, ET49, LK112/5

The bolt pattern (LK) is the circle diameter on which the holes of the wheel bolts are located.

Illustration of the bolt pattern of a Volkswagen rim
Number of screws
7.0 J x 17, ET49, LK112/5

The number of screws with which the rims are fixed to the wheel flange is different on every vehicle. In this example, there are five.

Illustration of the screws of a Volkswagen rim

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Robust steel rims from VW
Robust steel rims

Ready for practically any weather: With our complete steel wheels, you’ll benefit from both their great value and the convenience they offer.

Sporty alloy rims from VW
Sporty alloy rims

Thanks to top quality materials, there’s no need to forego attractive alloy rims, even when temperatures start to drop. Even in the most unpleasant of temperatures and weather conditions, we make sure you still enjoy a dynamic performance.

The attractive appearance of alloy rims versus the resilience of steel rims – or at least that’s how the theory goes. Our alloy rims have been specially designed for use in snow and slush. The winter-specific surfaces are extremely resistant to corrosion. They’re easy to clean and incredibly resilient – especially against road salt.

Small accessory with a big impact

Our dynamic hub cap will take your wheels to the next level. Unlike conventional hub covers, it does not rotate with the tyre, so the Volkswagen logo stays in place during the drive and in every parking position. A real head-turner!

Further information

The topic of the right wheel/tyre combination for your car often raises a lot of questions. On our wheel knowledge page we have put together an FAQ section for you.

Are you interested in purchasing rims or do you have more questions? Contact your local Volkswagen retailer who will be happy to help. 

A VW service employee measures the tyre tread depth

Keeping in touch

Let us know how you’d like us to stay in touch with you, and we’ll enter you into a draw to win a €500 Volkswagen voucher.

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