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Protection & care.

Give your Volkswagen a new shine: Protection & care products from Volkswagen.

Care for your car in the best way possible with products from Volkswagen Accessories. Not only do they provide optimal care, but also a high level of protection.


Tyre bags.

Damp cellar air and improper storage cause your tyres to become porous and brittle. Protect your tyres in order to prevent damages of any kind. The Volkswagen Genuine Set of 4 tyre bags provides the perfect solution. Plus, thanks to the convenient marking on the outside, you know right away which tyre goes where.

Your discrete companion.

While you concentrate on the drive itself, our products provide you with unobtrusive and effective protection from distracting influences, such as clouds of dirt.

Breakdown aid safety package.

The original breakdown kit from Volkswagen Accessories offers you the best protection in any situation.

Interior care.

Clean surfaces, a gleaming finish and a lovely scent. With the Volkswagen Genuine Interior Care Products, you'll turn your Volkswagen into an oasis of pleasure.



Find here all our high quality Volkswagen Accessories products!

Spring cleaning for your car.

Winter really has got the lot. Snow, ice and slush not only drive us humans to distraction. Your car also faces some tough challenges in the winter months. That's exactly why it requires special care in spring, making sure that road salt, dirt and gravel are gone in a flash.


Rim cleaner.

A dazzling impression: The rim cleaner from Volkswagen Accessories provides you with effective, safe care for the steel or light-alloy wheels on your Volkswagen. Its gel-like consistency penetrates even the most stubborn dirt and leaves rims with a fresh sheen.


Insect remover.

A clean-cut thing: The insect remover from Volkswagen Accessories simply and safely gets rid of annoying insects and debris from your vehicle. It can be used on glass, paintwork, chrome and plastic, and will also remove other kinds of dirt.


“Spring” care set.

Spring cleaning for your car: The “Spring” care set from Volkswagen Accessories leaves your vehicle gleaming on those longer sunnier days. This complete set includes interior and exterior care products, practically stored in a Volkswagen fabric bag with a zip fastener.

Winter care.

During the cold months, your Volkswagen is exposed to some particularly harsh conditions. To make sure that your journey remains relaxed and safe, despite the snow and rain, there is a range of special winter care products available.

Shampoo & polish.

Shine, cleanliness and long-lasting protection! Give your Volkswagen an extra special treatment with the specially developed care products from Volkswagen Accessories. Your car will not only shine, but you'll also guarantee years of driving pleasure.


Wax shampoo.

Clean the paintwork and preserve its shine, all in one go. The wax shampoo has been developed exclusively for Volkswagen paintwork.


Wax polish.

With the Volkswagen Genuine Wax Polish, you'll treat your Volkswagen to paintwork care and treatment of professional quality. The wax polish is shampoo and weather-proof, and paintwork-friendly.


Glass polish.

Keep a clear view. The Volkswagen Genuine Glass Polish easily cleans away any stubborn dirt on the windscreen such as insect residue, tree sap, tar, oil, soot and silicon residues, guaranteeing a streak and reflection-free surface.

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