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No need to compromise: Transport systems from Volkswagen Accessories.

More space for everything you need: With Volkswagen Genuine Transport Accessories you'll have all the personal space you need for every occasion, all made to measure.

Basic carriers.

Our basic carriers offer the perfect foundation for any activity. Whether you fancy surfing or mountain biking, mount the snowboard rack or rather the bike rack: The basic carriers are a solid basis for all transport systems from Volkswagen Accessories.


Take it with you.

Our clever transport systems for almost every need.


Get on top of your packing.

The Volkswagen roof boxes offer you more flexibility. So you don't have to leave anything behind.

Take your bike with you.

There's no need to reinvent the wheel to safely transport your bike. Transport it easily and securely with the genuine bike racks from Volkswagen. Easy to mount, they provide the best support and are also effectively secured against theft.


Bike tour.

With the trailer hitch on your Volkswagen, your bike tour will be a real pleasure before you even get going.

Ready for anything.

Would you rather head to the hills or down to the beach? Your desires and interests are as unique as your fingerprint. The transport solutions from Volkswagen Accessories are here to help. You can hit the road, just like that – wherever it may lead!


Trailer hitches.

Whether they're rigid, for screwing on or folding away – the trailer hitches for a range of applications always guarantee the best support.    

Luggage compartment solutions.

The luggage compartment solutions from Volkswagen Accessories are as versatile as they are innovative. They also provide effective protection against dirt and moisture.


Luggage compartment.

Discover the different ways to your luggage solutions.


Volkswagen Genuine Accessories.

Everything your heart desires: Find here comprehensive product information on our Volkswagen Genuine Accessories like transport systems or interior equipments or take a look at our versatile Volkswagen Lifestyle range. From t-shirt to bag, classic to GTI.

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