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Roadside Assistance.

24-Hour Help With Volkswagen's Roadside Assistance.

Tel. 1800 202 104
Tel. +353 1 617 9683 (from abroad)
Lines are open 24/7 365

*Costs depend on the particular tariff that you have with your provider. Roaming charges may be incurred if calls are made from abroad.


Accident and Breakdown Guide.

What should you do or not do in the event of an accident or a breakdown and what are you entitled to? Our guide will quickly put you in the picture and ensure that you are always on the safe side.


Assistance with an accident.

Convenience and protection – you can rely on that with your Volkswagen. Even if, despite all precautions, something does happen, we are there for you with our services covering all aspects of accidents: directly on site, assisting with insurance formalities and with expert repairs.

Breakdown and accident assistance for the deaf.

Quick and simple.

Simply report breakdowns and accidents via email, fax or SMS – 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Our Emergency Service Centre will inform a Volkswagen Partner near you, who will notify you by email, fax or SMS as soon as he is on his way.

Tip: It’s best to register for the service in advance – we will then be able to help you even quicker and more easily in the event of an emergency.





To enable us to assist you, we need some information about you and your Volkswagen. The following details should always be included in your emergency report:

  • Name
  • Address*
  • Car registration number
  • Car type and year of manufacture
  • Colour*
  • Chassis number*
  • Location
  • Kind of breakdown / accident

* Indicate only if you have not yet registered.


If we have all important information about you and your Volkswagen, we can help you even faster and more easily in the event of an emergency. It is best to register immediately with our emergency centre and keep us posted if there are any changes.

Tip: Enter a confidant. This person will automatically receive a message in the event of an emergency.