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Checks & Maintenance.

Let our Expert Team Take Care of Your Volkswagen.

Your Volkswagen gives everything for you every minute. Give us a few minutes to check and maintain it. So that you can rely on your Volkswagen completely at the crucial moment.  


Air-Conditioning System Service.

For fresh, clean air in your Volkswagen.

Your benefits

  • Good for your health and safety.
    Thanks to reliably clean air.

Our services

Your car’s air-conditioning system traps moisture, pollen, and dirt. This leads to a build-up of bacteria that makes the inside of your car an unpleasant place to be. To ensure that you have sufficient fresh air in your Volkswagen at a pleasant temperature, we check and maintain your air conditioning system.


  • Coolant
  • Electronics
  • Mechanics
  • Pollen filter
  • Radiator tank
  • Vaporiser



Express Service.

Maximum quality in no more than 90 minutes.


Vehicle Diagnostics.

The perfect connection to your vehicle electronics.

Your benefits

  • Safe.
    Thanks to reliable detection of malfunctions.
  • Saves time and costs.
    Thanks to reduced troubleshooting time.
  • Comprehensive.
    Rapid check from the anti-lock braking system (ABS) through to electronic engine management.

Our services

ABS, Park Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control: To enable you to drive in a safer and more environmentally responsible manner, numerous electronic systems work together in a complex network in your Volkswagen. We will detect any malfunctions quickly and reliably through our Vehicle Diagnostics Service.


  • ABS
  • Advanced Driver Assistant Systems
  • Automatic air conditioning
  • Convenience electronics
  • Electronic engine management
  • Park Assist system
  • Restraint systems (airbag, belt tensioner)



Find the oil that is right for your Volkswagen.

Only the right oil provides optimum protection for your engine. Your Volkswagen Partner will help you to find the right grade.


Volkswagen Oil Service.

A short stop for a long engine life.

Your benefits

  • In manufacturer quality and according to Volkswagen specifications.
    Thanks to specially trained Volkswagen staff, Volkswagen Genuine Engine Oil, filter and seals.
  • Thorough.
    Including oil filter and seal replacement.
  • Fast.
    Can be carried out while you wait in the Express Service facility.

Our services

Extend the life of your engine – with the Volkswagen Oil Service. We will exchange your used oil for fresh Genuine Volkswagen engine oil, which provides the optimum protection for your engine and makes it especially efficient. To keep it clean longer, we also replace the oil filter and seals at the same time – with Volkswagen Genuine Parts®, of course.

Journey after journey, engine oil fights against huge pressure, resistance and temperatures. It neutralises fine dust, acids and water. However, even the best oil wears out over time. Residues accumulate.


Your Owner’s Manual will tell you when it is time to change the engine oil. There are two types of intervals:

  • Flexible Service: According to flexible service interval display (no later than after 2 years on 30,000km).
  • Fixed service: Every 15.000km, but at least once a year.

Important: A lot of short distances and cold starts may shorten the intervals.


The oil filter collects the combustion residues and dirt that the oil absorbs in the engine and clogs up over time. It should therefore be changed at the same time. For a long engine life. 

Volkswagen High-Performance
Engine Oil LongLife III.

Developed for your engine.

No matter how cold it is outside and no matter how much you heat up your engine, Volkswagen High-Performance Engine Oil LongLife III sees to a secure lubrication film even with extreme external and engine temperatures. It dissipates heat quickly, binds pollutants and reduces friction. That means for you: a longer engine life and a shorter fuel and repair bill.