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Repairs & Service

Ensure your Volkswagen Stays a Volkswagen.

No matter how much care you take – sometimes, the parking space is a little bit too small after all, or the dog is quicker onto the new seat than planned. No problem: Choose our repair services and any blemishes will soon no longer be visible.  


Body and Paintwork Service.

For your safety and a dazzling appearance.

Your benefits

  • Good for value retention.
    Rust perforation warranty remains intact.
  • Original quality.
    Repairs using Volkswagen Genuine Parts® and Volkswagen approved Paint Products.
  • Convenient.
    Thanks to offers like recovery service, replacement car.

Our services

A dent in the panel work? Happens to everyone at some time. Our body and paintwork service will soon make you forget minor damage. Following our repairs, you will be able to rely on the safety of your vehicle and your bodywork will look as dazzling as it did previously. 
Reason: We carry out repairs strictly according to Volkswagen guidelines and replace damaged parts only with Volkswagen Genuine Parts®. To keep all warranties intact for you.


They absorb impact energy, undergo controlled deformation and shield against chippings thrown up from the road. Body parts are more than just a bit of metal: They protect you and other road users. Have any damage repaired by an expert, so that you are back driving again just as safely as you were before.      

Small blemish. Big risk.

Four brief reasons for fast glass repair. Why should you have your windscreen repaired quickly? Quite simple: You will not only be driving more safely, but also more cost-efficiently.


Do you need a new windscreen?

Discover the benefits of Volkswagen Genuine Glass here.