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Owner information.

Volkswagen provides information – simply & quick.

We provide practical tips for comfortable and safe travel, information on the EA189 Campaign Update and interesting how to videos. Or do you want to learn more about warning lights and what they mean? Then you’ve come to the right place!


How to videos.

Here you‘ll find short but instructive videos which demonstrate how to ensure that the protection and performance provided by your Volkswagen is consistently high quality. Learn more about your timing belt or how to check your engine oil level.


Warning lights.

Almost everyone knows the situation: Either directly when starting the car or while driving, a red, yellow, green or white warning light lights up or flashes. Read here what the symbols in your cockpit mean and how you should react.


EA189 Campaign Update.

This is the right page for you, if you’re interested in information on the EA189 Campaign Update or to check if your vehicle is affected.


Roadside Assistance.

This page will introduce the tips and services we provide which will help you be as prepared as possible and taken care of in an emergency.

On the road.



Your trip should be absolutely perfect. We think so, too. Our tips will help you prepare yourself and your Volkswagen in the best possible way.


Pack correctly.

Escape from the everyday routine. But there’s no need to do without the smaller and bigger things that make our daily lives – or the planned adventure – even more convenient and pleasant. With our tips, you will soon have stowed away everything that is important to you.