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So your brakes won't fail you, even in dangerous situations.

Stop-and-go in the evening rush hour, a trip to the mountains with long descents, a narrow, windy route – every journey is different. What is common to all is that you can rely on Volkswagen Genuine Brakes.

Volkswagen Genuine Brake Discs & Brake Pads.

Tailored to your Volkswagen and your expectations in terms of safety.

Volkswagen Genuine Brakes enable you to stop safely. In cold weather and on a long downward slope. With an empty boot or heavily laden and with the entire family on board. Reason: Volkswagen Genuine Brakes mesh optimally with your braking system. They are designed precisely for your Volkswagen's top speed and its weight. For quality that goes beyond the statutory ECE-R90 brake standard.


Your benefits.

  • Safe.
    Thanks to shorter braking distances.

  • Custom-fit.
    Developed for your Volkswagen and matched to its weight, performance and top speed.

  • More endurance.
    Confirmed in extensive practical tests over 500,000 km in all weather conditions.

Be cool – check in advance.

Everything OK with the brakes and co.? Volkswagen Vehicle Check.


Handbrake applied, brake fluid level too low or brake system faulty.

If the hand brake is applied, release it. In the other cases, drive immediately to the next specialist to have the defect removed.


  • Drive slowly.
  • Adjust to longer braking distances.
  • Pedal pressure may be higher.

Release handbrake.


Lift lever right up. Press locking button. Pull lever down.


Is illuminated: brake pedal not depressed.

To engage a gear, depress the brake pedal.

Flashes: The locking button in the selector lever has not clicked into place.
Starting will be prevented. To engage a gear, depress the brake pedal and click the selector lever lock into place.


Brake pedal not depressed.

Fully depress the brake pedal.


Front brake pads worn.

Head off to your Volkswagen Partner: Have all brake pads checked and replaced, where necessary.

Tips on all aspects of your brakes.

Stopping at the right moment, no skidding. Your brakes thus make a big contribution to your safety. What should you do for them? Herewith a few tips.



Safe, high quality and perfectly tuned to your Volkswagen: our parts.

Full power for your safety.

To ensure that you stop safely, your brakes must give their all, withstanding enormous pressure and extreme temperatures.

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