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Engine oil.

Oil isn't just oil: Castrol engine oil from Volkswagen guarantees a top performance.

The right oil is like a liquid component, providing an ideal complement to your engine, protecting it and making peak performance possible. Discover here how to find the right engine oil, what grades there are and how to interpret the abbreviations.


Genuine engine oil.

Ensuring that it withstands extreme stresses, day in, day out.


Castrol EDGE Professional LongLife III.

Strength. For maximum performance.
  • Double-strength oil film.
    No tearing of the oil film even under extreme strain.

  • 15% less friction.
    For more strength and less wear and tear.

  • Retains its strength 140 hours longer.
    Due to added titanium.

Developed together.

For over 15 years, Castrol and Volkswagen have been working together to develop exactly the right lubricant that your car needs. Castrol is also there at the race track, cheering on the Volkswagen Motorsport Team when they're competing for the World Rally Championship title.
A team can only achieve peak performance when they're perfectly in tune with one another. The same applies for lubricants, which is why Castrol has developed special professional products for Volkswagen engines, putting them to the test under the harshest conditions out on the track.


Recommended by Volkswagen.

Engine oils are not only your engine's lifeblood, they are also crucial when it comes to optimizing engine performance and conserving fuel. Castrol Professional lubricants have been developed in collaboration with our technicians, resulting in products that meet the exact specifications of Volkswagen engines.


With the strength of Titanium FST™.

Volkswagen now produces engines that are smaller, more efficient and more powerful than ever before. As a result, the pressure inside the engine has almost doubled, which poses a real challenge to the lubricant: after all, the only thing that separates the metal components in the engine is the engine oil. Castrol EDGE Professional is Castrol's strongest oil. The addition of TITANIUM ESTTM has doubled the strength of the oil film – this prevents the oil film from rupturing and considerably reduces friction between the metal surfaces.

Castrol EDGE Professional therefore meets the exact specifications of modern Volkswagen engines. Castrol EDGE Professional oil with the strength of TITANIUM ESTTM: for maximum performance. Available at your Volkswagen distributor.


Certified CO2-neutral.

Selecting the right engine oil helps to reduce the CO2 emissions that occur during driving. Castrol now offsets engine oil emissions itself and, with Castrol Professional, has developed the world's first certified CO2-neutral engine oil. Every single litre is CO2-neutral certified according to international standards. To this end, Castrol reduces the amount of CO2 generated over the entire oil life cycle, from the production to its disposal. To offset the remaining emissions, Castrol is investing in carefully selected projects, such as landfill gas extraction in Turkey and clean energy production in China.

More detailed information on these projects is available at BP Target Neutral.


Change the engine oil?

Time for an oil change? The service interval display in the main display will remind you.


Why change the engine oil?

Journey after journey, engine oil fights tremendous pressure, resistances and temperatures. It neutralises particulates, acids and water. Even the very best engine oil wears out over time. Residues begin to collect.


Change the filter at the same time?

The oil filter collects the combustion residues and dirt that the oil absorbs in the engine and clogs up over time. It should therefore be changed at the same time. For a long engine life.


The right oil.

Only the right engine oil provides your Volkswagen with the optimal protection.

Interpreting oil abbreviations.

So SAE 5W-30 no longer feels like an impossible formula. Do you know where to find the oil flow properties in cold temperatures on the container? And why these properties should preferably have as small a value as possible at low temperatures? Time to find out.


The perfect oil?

An engine oil that is perfectly matched to your Volkswagen.


Illuminated: Engine oil level is too low.
Switch off the engine and check the oil level.

Flashing: Engine oil system faulty.
Visit a specialist and have the engine oil sensor checked.


Switch off the engine and measure the oil level.

Are the lights still flashing?
To avoid any damages, switch off the engine immediately and seek assistance from a Volkswagen Partner.

The engine's lifeblood.

Several thousand revolutions a minute, pressure of more than 10 tonnes per cm² and temperatures up to 2,000°C. An engine performs unbelievable feats: The right engine oil supports and protects it as it does so.


Have 1 litre of oil on hand.

Perfect for taking on longer journeys: the 1 litre container from Volkswagen. Easily stored in the luggage compartment.


Measuring the oil level correctly.

Always keep one eye on the oil level. Driving with too low an oil level puts the engine at risk – too much engine oil is just as damaging. Read here how to measure the oil level correctly. Speaking of which: how's it looking in your Volkswagen?


What is viscosity & why is it important?

How viscous or thin is an engine oil? How quickly does it circulate in the engine at low temperatures? Does it also form a strong film of lubricant in hot weather? Engine oil has to have the right viscosity to match your engine – certain flow properties that you can read under the SAE classification. We'll explain exactly how that works and the various classes here.


Mineral oil or LongLife engine oil.

What engine oil grades are there?

Golden, lubricious, a little viscous: On first glance, an engine oil just looks like an engine oil – whether the packaging reads mineral engine oil or LongLife engine oil. That's why we're going to look in a bit more detail. Under the microscope, the differences are quite clear.


With Volkswagen parts you'll always make the right choice.

Thanks to Volkswagen parts you'll be back on the road in safety and comfort following a repair or maintenance, and your Volkswagen will still be 100% an original. Take a look at our Genuine, Economy or Exchange Parts.

Improved engine performance with lower fuel consumption.

Did you know that you save money during the prescribed maintenance procedure? Oil filters clean circulating engine oil of dust, metal abrasion debris, carbon and soot particles, allowing only clean oil to reach lubrication points and bearing positions. This prevents wear and ensures a long engine life. With the Volkswagen Genuine Oil Filters, both the oil quality and engine performance are preserved, as well as its economic viability.


How the oil filter works.

Volkswagen Genuine Oil Filters separate the good from the bad. They reliably filter all dirt particles out of the oil circulation system and guarantee the oil supply in almost all operational conditions. Now learn how Volkswagen Genuine Oil Filters ensure a high engine performance and long service life.

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