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This is why you should change your Volkswagen Genuine Filters on a regular basis.

Hot and cold temperatures, moisture, incredible air speeds and high pressure: The filters in your Volkswagen have to remain reliable under the most challenging conditions. After all, they filter pollutants and dirt – even when they're subjected to moisture, for example.

Volkswagen Genuine Interior Filter.

The air is finally clean.

Would you believe it: The air that flows through the ventilation channels into the vehicle while you're driving contains approximately 5 times the amount of exhaust gases, pollutants and allergy triggers than the air at the roadside. Volkswagen Genuine Interior Filters protect you against the negative impacts of this heavily polluted air inside your Volkswagen. They absorb a number of pollutants and allergens, whilst simultaneously efficiently protecting the air conditioning system against pollution.


Your benefits.

  • Pure air.
    Protects against (fine) dust, pollen, soot, allergens, aerosoles and ozone (depending on model).

  • Clean air conditioning system.
    Preserves the air conditioning system. Prevents the build-up of bacterial contaminations – the cause of unpleasant odours.

  • Safety.
    Optimal ventilation with full blower capacity, windscreen is less fogged-up, allowing for an excellent view. Increase in concentration thanks to conversion of ozone into oxygen.

The interior filters of your Volkswagen can only filter pollen if they are changed on a regular basis. That's why we recommend that you have your filters changed every 15,000 km or once a year.


Aaaa...choooo! If you sneeze while driving at approx. 50 km/h, you'll drive approximately 13 metres blind. Volkswagen Genuine Interior Filters reduce that risk.

Volkswagen Genuine Allergen Filter.

For clean air.

3 strong layers for clean air: Thanks to its special biofunctional coating, the allergen filter absorbs a range of allergens. It reduces mould and bacteria, and its particulate filter and activated carbon layers prevent almost all respirable dust and harmful gases from entering the vehicle. For fresh, clean air.

By the way: If your Volkswagen is not yet equipped with an allergen filter, we can install 1 for you at a later date.


Your benefits.

  • Strong.
    Absorbs a variety of allergens. Reduces the growth of mould and bacteria.

  • A perfect fit.
    Fits perfectly in the filter housing and can be installed at a later date in older models from the Golf V onwards (does not include Polo and Touareg).

  • Innovative.
    3 filter layers for an especially effective result.

Triple the safety.

That's how the allergen filter is built.


No allergen filter yet?

Have one installed today. Also available for older models from Golf V onwards.

Volkswagen Genuine Air Filter.

Clean air for a top engine performance.

Nothing gets past them: Volkswagen Genuine Air Filters fit perfectly in your Volkswagen's air filter housing and are coordinated precisely to match the displacement and output of your engine. They capture dirt particles in the air that is sucked in before they can reach the combustion chamber, where they would combine with oil to create a sandpaper effect. They also absorb the suction noise of the engine, ensuring that less noise reaches you in the vehicle.


Your benefits.

  • Cleaner air.
    Filters dirt particles such as soot or dust out of the air that is sucked in by the engine before it reaches the combustion chamber.

  • Optimum performance.
    The air filter supports the precise injection of the fuel/air mixture – an absolute must for efficient combustion, maximum engine performance and low fuel consumption.

  • Dampening properties.
    Dampens the suction noises made by your Volkswagen and guarantees this function over the entire service life (90,000 km).

Keep cool.

Our Air Conditioning System Service brings a breath of fresh air to your Volkswagen.

Volkswagen Genuine Cleaning for the air conditioning system evaporator.

Bacteria, viruses and germs don't stand a chance.

Because of the high level of humidity in the air conditioning system evaporator, micro-organisms or fungal spores can reproduce at a very rapid rate and end up in the air inside the vehicle. The use of Volkswagen Genuine Cleaning for the air conditioning system evaporator during the regular change of the interior filter provides effective protection against this risk.


Your benefits.

  • Healthy climate.
    No harmful emissions from the air conditioning system in the vehicle interior, which is important for everyone – not just those who suffer from allergies.

  • Full cooling output.
    Remedies and prevents a reduction in the cooling output.

  • No stale odours.
    Effectively removes any unpleasant odours from the air conditioning system.


Safe, high quality and perfectly tuned to your Volkswagen: our parts.

Volkswagen Genuine Oil Filter.

Made for your engine.

In continuous circulation throughout the engine, oil absorbs debris such as combustion residues, carbon deposits, soot and metal abrasion residue. Thanks to its fully synthetic filter medium, the Volkswagen Genuine Oil Filter is particularly reliable and efficient when it comes to the filtering out of these impurities. More filtered oil reaches the lubrication points, thereby protecting the engine more effectively from wear and, because of the high quality materials used, for an especially long time – even with aggressive oil found when using biofuel.


Your benefits.

  • More reliable protection.
    Protects the engine from impurities and increased wear.

  • Durable.
    High temperature stability, resistance against acids and alkalis, corrosion-resistant housing (depending on model). High level of pressure stability – optimal for modern engines and start-stop systems.

  • Strong filtering effect.
    High capacity for dirt absorption with low flow resistance and high sealing quality. Thanks to fully synthetic filter medium.

A worn filter can no longer properly clean the air that's sucked in by the engine. Respirable dust may pollute the engine oil. The result: less effective performance, greater consumption and higher emission levels.


Stick to the pre-described change intervals – only then can the oil filter do its job properly. Your engine will thank you for it with an excellent performance and a long service life.

Volkswagen Genuine Diesel Fuel Filter.

For a long engine life.

Fuel isn't always as clean as it looks. It contains extremely fine dirt particles such as dust, rust, water and tank residues. These can cause considerable damage to your fuel injection system and engine. Volkswagen Genuine Diesel Fuel Filters prevent that from happening. They have been specially developed for your Volkswagen, thereby ensuring a long service life.


Your benefits.

  • Secure.
    Specially developed for your Volkswagen's fuel system. Rids diesel fuel of dirt particles at a higher rate than the legal standard.

  • Highly effective.
    High quality materials optimise the rate of cleaning and guarantee a long engine life.

  • Precise.
    A precision fit guarantees high functional safety throughout the entire service cycle.

The diesel fuel filter is a part that's subject to wear. It becomes clogged up over time, which impedes the fuel flow – this is also the case even if your Volkswagen hasn't had a full tank for some time. When this happens, it can encourage the formation of biological organisms. The result: a reduced engine performance and irregular engine operation. That's precisely why the diesel filter must be renewed on a regular basis. Your Volkswagen Partner will take care of this within the scope of the mandatory inspection, using only the right Volkswagen Genuine Diesel Fuel Filter for your Volkswagen model.

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