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Wheels & tyres.

Don't put your safety at risk: This is how you get through the whole year.

Your tyres are your only contact with the road – with a contact surface that is scarcely bigger than 4 footprints. Find out more about the right wheels and tyres for your model here.


Volkswagen Tyre Care.

Protecting you and your tyres against the unexpected.
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The EU tyre label.


Safety, comfort, environmental friendliness, fuel consumption – it all depends on your tyres. The EU tyre label tells you in simple symbols what properties a model has. It has been in force since 1st November 2012 and has been mandatory for all brand-new tyres since 1st July 2012.



225 / 45 R17 94 W.

What do the numbers on my tyres mean? Tyre structure, rim diameter, maximum permitted speed - Alongside the name of the manufacturer and the product, your tyres contain many other important pieces of information.


Tyre tread too shallow.

Less grip.

Even if your thread depth is only 4 mm worn, your tyre has much less adhesion on a wet road. Reason: the tyre tread is no longer dissipating water optimally. We therefore recommend 3 mm for summer tyres and 4 mm for winter tyres. Is your tyre tread shallower? Don't take a risk – have new tyres fitted.

In most European countries, there is a minimum tread depth of 1.6 mm. We recommend a tread depth of 3 mm for summer tyres and 4 mm for winter tyres. The deeper the tread of your tyres, the more effective they are at draining off water and protecting you from aquaplaning.

Winter tyres on a snowy surface.

Braking distance at 50 km/h until the vehicle comes to a standstill.

How your tyres last longer.

The maximum lifespan of tyres is 6 years – providing they are not damaged and their tread has not been worn down earlier. What can you do to make your tyres last longer? Here are some tips.


Rim labelling.

Discover here what the abbreviations on your rims mean, such as 7.0 J X 17, ET49, LK112/5.


With Volkswagen parts you'll always make the right choice.

Thanks to Volkswagen parts you'll be back on the road in safety and comfort following a repair or maintenance, and your Volkswagen will still be 100% an original. Take a look at our Genuine, Economy or Exchange Parts.

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