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Virtually limitless mobility with the Volkswagen Services.

Is your diary full? We'll deliver your Volkswagen to its service appointment and keep you mobile, both now and in the future – because we want you to get where you need to go. Find an overview of our services here.

Full mobility with no stress.

We know how important it is to stay mobile. With our services, you can get on with your everyday life, even if your Volkswagen is at the workshop rather than in your garage.


Replacement Vehicle Service.

  • Convenient.
    Thanks to up-to-date and well-maintained replacement cars.

  • Less stress.
    No complicated formalities. No extra effort or trips to the car rental service.

  • Free of charge.
    Within the scope of the Breakdown Assistance.

Pick-up & Delivery Service.

  • Flexible.
    You choose the collect and return location.

  • Personal.
    On-site check by your Volkswagen Partner upon request.

  • Highly convenient.
    In combination with the Pick-up & Delivery Service.


Only the best for you and your Volkswagen.

Breakdown Assistance.

Ensure an even safer and more comfortable journey: with the Breakdown Assistance. We'll provide round-the-clock assistance – whether you have a flat tyre right on your doorstep or an accident abroad, hundreds of kilometres away. And no matter whether you need new car keys on holiday or particular medication.


Your benefits.

  • Protection and convenience.
    Diverse services, from repatriation to loans overseas.

  • International.
    Valid in Western Europe and many Eastern European countries.

  • Free of charge.
    For new vehicles and vehicles that undergo regular service. Also applicable for used vehicles.

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