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Service & inspection.

Safe on the road: Inspection, maintenance & services for your car.

Your Volkswagen gives its all, every minute of every day. Please give us just a few minutes to check your car, e.g. in the free Visual Health Check. Our Original Services are also available in the Express Service: quick and safe.


"Service is due?"

Intervals and scope of the inspection.

Our services for your Volkswagen are divided into services for the first 3 years and thereafter. Whether you have an up!, Polo, Golf, Passat, Tiguan or another Volkswagen – all safety-relevant aspects of your car will be tested and serviced by professionals at your Volkswagen Partner. The Vehicle Diagnostics reliably detects any defects in the vehicle electronics. Inquire online about your inspection intervals and their scope.

Does your car need the NCT?

Then your Volkswagen Partner will make an appointment for the NCT (National Car Test). You can have your vehicle checked by our experts beforehand, thereby avoiding any unnecessary costs.



Play it safe with the Volkswagen NCT-Pre-Check: We'll provide a check of all aspects of your Volkswagen that are relevant for the NCT. We will inform you of any defects or if any repairs are required.


The NCT.

The NCT is a legal requirement in Ireland and is carried out on behalf of the Government by the National Car Testing Service Ltd (NCTS). Our NCT takes care of the execution of the inspection by a certified inspection organisation. We would be pleased to arrange an appointment for you!


Glass Repair Service.

With our Glass Repair Service, there's no need to worry about a small chip in the windscreen. Most damages can be repaired by way of a modern filling resin method – quickly and cost-effectively. The result: There will be virtually no visible trace of the damage and you'll be as safe on the road as before – at participating Retailer only.

Wheel & Tyre Services.

Does your Volkswagen need new shoes? No problem! We help you to find the right tyres or you can get a quote for Volkswagen recommended tyres here.


Oil Service.

A quick stop for a long engine life.

Extend your engine's service life – with the Volkswagen Oil Service. We change your used oil for fresh Castrol engine oil, which provides optimal protection for your engine and enables an incredible high performance. To ensure that the oil stays cleaner for longer, we will also replace the oil filter and seals at the same time – with Volkswagen Genuine Parts®, of course.


A smooth ride.

For a long vehicle life that spans generations: Preserving value for longer.

Services for your Volkswagen.

Our Original Services are specially designed for you and your Volkswagen. Make the most of experienced engineers and the latest technical equipment. Find out for yourself!

  • Visual Health Check.

    For a peace of mind.

    This check is free of charge and allows us to highlight potential wear and tear issues with the car that need to be addressed immediately or in the future. This will help prevent any little problems turning into big ones.

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  • Air Conditioning System Service.

    For fresh, clean air in your Volkswagen.

    That means: Stress can simply be breathed away. To ensure that your Volkswagen has plenty of fresh air and a pleasant temperature, we check and service your air conditioning system.

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  • Service Plan Booking.

    Take care of your Volkswagen.

    If your Volkswagen has a Service Plan you can request to book your car in for a scheduled service. This service includes a comprehensive vehicle inspection.

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  • Replace Pollen Filter.

    The doorman of the vehicle interior.

    Why is a replace important? The pollen filter absorb a number of pollutants and allergens, whilst simultaneously efficiently protecting the air conditioning system against pollution.

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