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Volkswagen Connect®

Volkswagen Connect®: All vehicle information via Bluetooth on your smartphone.

The upgrade for your Volkswagen: With the Volkswagen Connect® app and the DataPlug, you'll transform your Volkswagen into a Connected Car. Bluetooth technology enables you to easily use the various app features, such as the digital logbook, driving style analysis and the Volkswagen Partner search function. Whether it's for business or pleasure, for new vehicle or used vehicle drivers – our app contains the perfect challenge for everyone. Download the Volkswagen Connect® app for free and try it out yourself. Available for Android and iOS.

Volkswagen Connect®: overview of functions.

The simple way to keep an eye on everything.

  • My Volkswagen.

    More information.

    Overview of the most important vehicle information, such as vehicle identification number, mileage (km) and fuel level, or the next inspection appointment.

  • Logbook.

    A better overview.

    Electronic logbook with export function and no running costs.

  • Driving style analysis.

    More efficient.

    Improve your driving style with tips for more efficient driving behaviour.

  • Challenges.

    Greater driving pleasure.

    Complete exciting tasks on your journeys and collect Volkswagen points and trophies.

  • Tank monitor.

    More cost control.

    Automatic re-fill recognition with an overview and assessment of the fuel costs.

  • Volkswagen Partner.

    Greater convenience.

    Direct link to your Volkswagen dealership and workshops for automatic service requests.

  • Parking space.

    Save time.

    Where did I park? The Volkswagen Connect® app will be there to solve this dilemma.

  • Statistics.

    More comprehensive journey analysis.

    Provides you with an overview of the numbers, data and facts from the various app functions.

  • Call for assistance.

    Increased safety.

    Call the Volkswagen Roadside Assistance or customer service directly from the app and share your location.


Volkswagen Connect® can do it.