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Volkswagen Technology

Volkswagen Technology.

Our customers deserve the very best and with this in mind we have developed technology and features available across the range to improve not only safety but driving comfort, convenience and connectivity. We categorise these features into four disctinct areas; Intuitive Systems, designed to make your driving experience more convenient. Automated Driver Assistance & Safety, offering pioneering technology and systems that automatically assist you and your vehicle to ensure safety. Connectivity, our suite of technologies designed to connect your car to your smartphone and the internet. Finally, our Parking & Proximity systems aid you with obstacles around you using radars and sensors. Find out more information about our technology features below.

Intuitive Systems

Our technologies are designed to make your driving life simple, we call it intuitive usability. Technologies that assist you and make sense. Whether it's Light Assist, which automatically switches between your high and low beams by monitoring oncoming traffic, or Head Up Display, which brings important driving information onto the windscreen in the driver's field of vision, we have the perfect suite of technologies available to assist you on your day-to-day drive. Discover more below.


Switch automatically between high and low beams.

Light Assist

Light Assist provides comfort and safety on the road by means of automatic main beam control. A camera on the interior mirror observes the traffic. Above 60 km/h and in complete darkness, Light Assist automatically switches on the main-beam headlights. The system detects vehicles travelling ahead and oncoming traffic, and automatically dips the headlights before they are dazzled.

Active Info Display

You see exactly the information that you want to see.

Active Info Display

The Active Info Display presents data and information about the vehicle directly in the cockpit. The high-resolution 31.2 cm (12 inch) screen replaces the conventional speedometer and allows five different views to be tailored ideally to personal needs.


Keep things in perspective.

Head-up Display

The Head-up Display shows vehicle-related information in the driver’s immediate field of vision. The information appears on a transparent display, which extends from behind the dash panel at the touch of a button. The driver can then read all the relevant information without having to take their eyes off the road.


Stay on course with a simple gesture.

Gesture Control

Small gestures can achieve a lot in everyday life, but also when it comes to gesture control in your car. This function makes it even more convenient to operate the optional Discover Navigation Pro system. It enables you to easily move around in the main menu and various submenus using a right-to-left swipe gesture to switch pages. 


Mobile phone interface with inductive charging function.

Wireless Smartphone Charging

Your smartphone will be charged cable-free with the inductive charging function. Thanks to an inductive aerial connection, it features first-rate voice quality – so you can talk freely and easily on the road. The car’s external aerial will improve your phone’s reception and Qi-enabled devices will even be charged – wirelessly.

* Please consult your smartphone manufacturer to find out if your smartphone is compatible with Qi wireless charging.

Automated Driver Assistance & Safety

At Volkswagen we take your safety extremely seriously. That's why we build our cars to offer you unrivalled safety and driver assistance features. We have systems that automatically guide your steering wheel to keep you in lane. Or with Front Assist & City Emergency Braking, your vehicle will automatically brake if it senses a collision. Our vehicles can even come equipped with Fatigue Detection, where the system monitors your driving style and alerts you if it detects a fatigued or tired driving style. Find out more about our driver assistance systems below.   

Lane keeping system Lane Assist

Keep in lane and stay in the picture.

Lane keeping system Lane Assist.

Monotonous stretches of road, narrowing lanes and tight country roads can all test your concentration on long journeys. Lane Assist helps you to better assess these situations and to minimise risks.

Stay relaxed in busy streets.

Front Assist and ACC

ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) helps to avoid accidents by always keeping your car at a safe distance from the traffic ahead. Working together with the radar-controlled Front Assist traffic monitoring system, our adaptive cruise control system keeps you a safe distance from the vehicle in front and that makes driving much easier in slow and stop and go traffic. It means you'll be more relaxed and comfortable on long journeys, knowing you have an extra helping hand.


Helps you change lanes safely.

Blind spot sensor

The Blind Spot sensor works from 15 km/h and can alert the driver by means of an LED indicator in the exterior mirror where another vehicle or object is located in the warning area. The system points out the potential hazard to the driver by causing an LED to come on in the particular exterior mirror. If the driver nevertheless signals to change lane, the same LED starts to flash more brightly and draws the driver’s attention to the hazard.


Nowadays we demand the same level of high quality entertainment in our cars as we enjoy at home. Volkswagen has a range of ways to connect your car with your devices and the internet. App Connect seamlessly connects your smartphone with your vehicle via Apple CarPlay™, Android Auto™ or MirrorLink™. Guide & Inform connects your car to the Internet giving you access to real-time information such as Points of Interest or available parking spaces. With Volkswagen Connect, you are given access to your vehicle's diagnostics, its location, your previous driving routes plus much more, all available through a convenient smartphone app. Find out more below.


Isn’t it nice to pick your own co-driver?

Infotainment Systems

In your Volkswagen, you decide what’s on. You can choose from a range of infotainment systems with plenty of connection options, including USB sockets, Bluetooth™, digital radio and SatNav.

Car-Net App-Connect

Enjoy full connectivity on the go.

Car-Net App-Connect.

App-Connect includes three innovative systems which you can use to display your smartphone apps on your touchscreen infotainment system – MirrorLink™, Android Auto™ from Google, and Apple CarPlay™.

Car-Net Guide & Inform

Driving offline? Never again.

Car-Net Guide & Inform.

The Internet is useful in so many parts of life – even in your car. Get news that you are really interested in, search for exciting destinations or find a free parking space right away. However, the optional Car-Net Guide & Inform online services have much more to offer. 

Car-Net Security & Service

Find help in an emergency.

Car-Net Security & Service.

The Car-Net Security & Service¹ suite lets you keep an eye on key vehicle data including fuel tank level, mileage and information about your next inspection service – all via a simple online Customer Web Portal. These services can also prove helpful while driving.


A new world of connectivity.

Volkswagen Connect

Volkswagen Connect is an App exclusive to Volkswagen drivers. Once connected and activated your in-car world is available on your mobile. It allows you look at your driving behaviour – acceleration and braking behaviour, and it evaluates both. It gives you real time details of mileage, next service, fuel level, trip history including start, finish and duration. It will give you details on your monthly fuel costs including fuel consumption between fill-ups.

Parking & Proximity

We have a range of advanced systems to help you park and manouevre your car easily and safely. From the easy-to-use electronic parking brake and Auto hold function, to rear view camera, parking sensors and Park Assist, you'll find it a breeze to stop and park your Volkswagen with minimum effort. Find out more below.

Park Assist

Trouble parking? Just leave it to your car.

Park Assist.

Even if you're one of those rare people who can manoeuvre in the tightest of spaces with complete ease while others watch on, you'll still be enthralled by the Park Assist function. Park Assist doesn't just identify suitable parking spaces, it even steers you into them.

Trailer manoeuvring system

Make manoeuvring a trailer a breeze.

Trailer manoeuvring system.

Your car can take control of the steering when manoeuvring a trailer. The Trailer Assist system makes life less complicated by taking over the steering for you.

Area View

Four cameras show you what is happening around your vehicle.

Area View.

When reversing out of a parking space in the bustling city centre, or manoeuvring on difficult terrain, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to see everything around the car with just one look? This is now possible thanks to the Area View, which features four overhead cameras.


Because you don’t have eyes in the back of your head.

Rear View Camera.

Our rear view camera lets you spot any obstacles behind your car - even moving ones - quickly and easily, thanks to the camera built into the boot. The camera starts working as soon as you put your car into reverse gear. It shows the area behind your car on your radio or radio navigation system display offering you a clear reversing image with easy-to-follow guidelines. Superimposed graphic lines guide you to the optimal steering lock, guaranteeing fuss-free, smooth parking.

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