Windscreen, LED headlights and lamps: Get to know our services and parts related to the topic of glass and light.

Glass Repair Service

Glass Repair Service

A VW service employee at the Glass Repair Service

Your windscreen makes a significant contribution to the stability of your vehicle. Even the most minor damages can put your safety and other road users at risk. That’s why it’s crucial to deal with damages to glass as quickly as possible. Discover our Glass Repair Service and benefit from a professional repair in the Volkswagen quality you know and trust.

  • A service employee in consultation with two customers at a blue VW Polo 6 – Glass Repair Service


    The windscreen acts as your window to the road and protection against wind and weather – which is why it must always be clean and intact. Discover what our Volkswagen Genuine parts can do.

    Your benefits

    • Stable protection:
      Safety glass acts as a support to the airbags when they open and splinters less. It also protects you against ultraviolet radiation and noise.
    • Greater convenience:
      It shields against the sun and keeps the vehicle interior cooler in the summer.
    • Designed for your Volkswagen:
      Coordinated interaction with driver assistance systems, such as the rain sensor or Lane Assist.
  • A VW service employee checks the windscreen wipers of a blue VW – aero wipers

    Aero wipers

    Good visibility in virtually any weather: Thanks to their aerodynamic shape, our aero wipers will allow you a clear view of the road at all times – even at high speeds.

    Your benefits

    • Convenience and precision-fit:
      Virtually no streaks and noises during wiping due to wiper blades that are specially coordinated to your vehicle and optimally adjust to the windscreen.
    • Visibility and safety:
      Excellent cleaning capacity combined with ideal contact pressure on the windscreen ensures your safety and visibility in almost any weather.
    • Long service life:
      Minimum wear thanks to high-grade materials, a special smooth coating and continuous product development based on the latest technology.
  • A VW car with roof box on a country road – in the background a mountainous landscape


    With our screenwash concentrate, you’ll keep a clear view. At the same time, the recipe, with a mixing ratio of 1:10, protects your windscreen and the washer system against frost and limescale – without leaving any stains on your paintwork. In winter, use the concentrate with anti-freeze protection for your car.

    Your benefits

    • For summer and winter:
      Removes insects and grease, amongst other things, in the summer and protects the windscreen and windscreen washer system against limescale. In the winter, it protects against frost and removes road salt.
    • Environmentally friendly:
      Contains no water-insoluble washing agents.
    • Gentle on materials:
      Suitable for all Volkswagen materials: It does not cause cracks in plastic components or stains on the paintwork.

Durable and bright

Volkswagen LED technology provides excellent visibility to you and other road users. They also boast a long service life, low energy consumption and almost constant light intensity.

Windscreen and headlights FAQs

Our service for your visibility

If you are interested in our services for glass and light, we are here to help.