The perfect interior climate

Everything revolves around you in the fully electric ID.3. This also applies to the interior temperature of your car – thanks to personalised air conditioning, pre-conditioning and the new “Fast Heat-up” function.

A woman walks towards the Volkswagen ID.3

Pre-conditioning of the vehicle interior

Imagine you get into your ID.3 and the interior temperature is just how you want it to be. Not a problem because you can pre-condition your electric vehicle in advance using the We Connect app. The process can optionally also start when you unlock the driver's door or get into the car. Upholding the slogan: get in and enjoy the comfort.

Pre-conditioning of ID.3 via We Connect app, unlocking or sitting down

Personalised air conditioning

Do you only want to air condition the driver’s area? Or preferably the entire vehicle interior? Both are possible with personalised air conditioning. Now every journey becomes a real treat in the ID.3 – regardless of where you’re sitting.

VW ID.3 with personalised air conditioning and ID.3 with air conditioning  of the entire vehicle interior
Individual air conditioning according to zones

“Best in Class” heating

The interior of the ID.3 warms up faster than in any other compact-class electric vehicle. This top performance is achieved by a heat pump combined with heating elements in the supply air lines, which work rather like a fan heater.

Hand pushes button best in class heating
Special function "Best in Class" heating

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