Front view of a red VW ID.5 GTX at an angle in a modern carport, a man walks past the bonnet
ID.5 GTX: Electricity consumption in kWh/100 km: combined 18.6-16.2; CO2 emissions in g/km: combined 0.Consumption and emissions data is only available for the vehicle according to the WLTP, and not according to the NEDC. Information on consumption and CO₂ emissions with ranges depending on the selected equipment of the vehicle.

Upgrades for your ID. 

This is an offer by Volkswagen AG, Germany.

Give your your ID. new capabilities

Whether it's navigation, assist systems or smart air conditioning - as a VW Connect or We Connect3 customer, it's easy to upgrade your ID. with new functions after purchase, providing it’s equipped ex works with ID. software 3.1 or higher.4

From the comfort of your vehicle, without having to travel to a workshop, you can obtain new functions straight from your vehicle or in the Volkswagen Connect shop.

  • Try new functions free of charge
  • Get vehicle functions flexibly and when you need them, without automatic contract renewal
  • Enable Upgrades straight from your ID. without visiting a workshop
  • Increase the value of your vehicle with new functions

Depending on equipment, these Upgrades are available for your ID.:

No navigation on board? No problem.

It's easy to enable the intuitive navigation function with the latest traffic information and points of interest (POIs) for your infotainment system “Ready 2 Discover” or “Ready 2 Discover Max” later on demand.

The navigation system's Electric Vehicle Route Planner enables automatic scheduling of charging stops along the route. Get regular map updates and traffic information from all of Europe in conjunction with online services from VW Connect or We Connect Plus3

Price: one-time payment of 929 €

Contract periods and options

The best way to find out how easy it is to upgrade your ID. is to see for yourself. As a VW Connect or We Connect primary user, you can get a free one-time trial month** for almost every Upgrade. Three contract periods are then available for almost all Upgrades. 

1 month

Use upgrades flexibly

Get added convenience when you need it and decide every month which upgrades work best for you. With a monthly contract period, you stay flexible (no automatic renewal).

Unlimited period

Use upgrades for an unlimited time 

With unlimited upgrades, you give your vehicle lasting added value, as the functions can be used by all drivers for the vehicle’s entire lifespan.

Price overview

Get vehicle functions flexible when you need them without automatic renewal for monthly and annual contract periods

Per month**

Per year



currently unavailable

currently unavailable

929 €*

“Light Assist” main beam control

5 €*

48 €*

189 €*

“Air Care Climatronic” air conditioning system

7.50 €*

75 €*

299 €*

Mood Lighting

1.50 €*

15 €*

59 €*

Per month**

currently unavailable

Per year

currently unavailable


929 €*

*Price for the Irish market including VAT. The prices shown in the Volkswagen Connect shop or in-car shop at the time of purchase are legally binding. Prices may vary by vehicle and equipment.

** per primary user and function 

How to enable Upgrades for your ID.

Software version and registration

To acquire Upgrades4, your ID. must have software 3.1 or higher installed ex works and the technical prerequisites for the relevant function. If you are registered for VW Connect or We Connect3 and verified in your vehicle as the primary user, you can get started.

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