Premium Audio

Sound systems available for your Volkswagen

Harman Kardon Audio

Harman Kardon Audio

The optional sound system from "Harman Kardon" impresses with its sophisticated sound and a sophisticated, elegant design. Made for acoustic lovers who don't just want to listen to music while driving, but want to celebrate it.

Each soundsystem has four unique settings for Volkswagen





beats audio

beats audio

Six speakers, eight-channel amplifier, subwoofer and so much more.  

The two tweeters within the A-pillars, combined with the two woofers in the front doors, and the subwoofer below the luggage compartment, make for an enjoyable music experience.

The up! beats also provides you with beats branding throughout your vehicle.




14 speakers, one amazing experience. 

Dynaudio’s superlative sound quality is also in demand in professional studios; the company has become renowned for its professional active monitors, with sound engineers at the world’s most preeminent recording studios.

With three pre-configured settings for a true home cinema performance on the road