Media Control
Remote control of the infotainment system via smartphone or tablet

Complete control from every seat: the Media Control app turns your tablet or smartphone into a remote control for your Volkswagen infotainment system.

You can use it, for example, to show your current location, how far away you are from your destination and how much longer it will take to get there on your vehicle's display screen. So you can answer the question of "Are we nearly there yet?" with just a quick glance. It's easy to enter a destination into the navigation system, whether you take it from a Google® search or your mobile device's contacts list, calendar or diary2.
In the mood for music? You can control the balance, fading and volume from the palm of your hand. If you fancy listening to the radio, you can select any station you like by searching automatically or manually, or even entering a frequency directly. It goes without saying that you can listen to your own songs and albums too, either through your infotainment system or an external audio source connected via Bluetooth. If your infotainment system is connected to the Internet, the Media Control app lets you search online for your favourite songs and artists. Everything is under your control: you can turn external device access to your infotainment system off at any time and reactivate it later as required. That's what makes great infotainment!

This Volkswagen app requires a vehicle-specific data interface on the "Discover Nav Pro" or "Discover Nav" radio and navigation system. The range of functions available will vary depending on the infotainment system's date of manufacture. Please contact your Volkswagen partner if you have any questions.

The screenshots provided are for example purposes only and may differ in appearance and content from what you see in the actual application.