Regenerative braking & EV car recuperation

Regenerative braking & EV car recuperation

Your e-Volkswagen doesn’t just harness its power from a charging station - it creates it when you brake too.

There are many advanced technologies that go into making our electric and plug-in hybrids superior and sustainable, but one of the most impressive is brake recuperation. Explore the technology behind this impressive use of a once wasted source of energy, and find out how you can make the most of it.

How regenerative braking helps you cover more miles per charge

Who’d have thought that braking could help keep you moving?

How recuperation works

Electric and plug-in hybrids are powered by electrical energy, which is why we connect them to an electric power source to gain charge. However, there are other energy sources that can be harnessed when driving an electric vehicle, such as the energy created when we brake. Our sustainable vehicles are capable of recuperating that energy and transferring it into battery charge. For more information watch our video on regeneration braking→Opens an external link

The power of recuperation is in your hands

Drive smarter, drive longer. Learn how the profiles in the e-Up! and e-Golf work with your driving style to maximise your range.

There are three driving profiles that you can select when behind the wheel of a Volkswagen electric vehicle. They range from making your journey more efficient, to a profile that’s built for performance. Watch this video to find out how you can switch between driving profiles and get the most out of your vehicle with every drive.

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