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Service and parts

With the right parts and services, your Volkswagen will remain mobile. Find out more about what we have to offer.

Benefits of the Volkswagen Service  

Customer satisfaction is important to us. By choosing Volkswagen Services and parts, you’re choosing our high-quality standards and our expert knowledge as the manufacturer.

Volkswagen Service – tailor-made for your car

Economy Service – selected repairs and services for a lower price

Service for hybrid and electric cars – electromobility for today, tomorrow and the future

Inspection and Service

With our inspection and services, we’ll help make sure your car runs smoothly and safely. read more about our inspections, intervals, maintenance and services.

Repairs and checks

Here, you'll find a selection from our range of repair services and checks. A chip in the windscreen, oil change or wheel services: benefit from our expert knowledge and find an official Volkswagen retailer near you.

Engine and chassis

Read more about the main components of your Volkswagen such as the chassis engine and suspension and how they all work together to maintain for long-lasting life.

Engine oil and fluids

Engine oil and fluids

A woman holds an engine oil bottle in her hands in front of a Volkswagen

With our engine oils and operating fluids, your Volkswagen will run at peak performance and enjoy a long vehicle life. Find useful tips in our oil knowledge section

With our parts, you are making the right choice

All parts
Illustration of a VW Golf 7 and common wear parts – warning against fake parts

Deceptively real

The array of counterfeit parts and operating fluids is vast and challenging to recognise. If they are used, they are one thing above all else: dangerous. Do not take any risks – make the most of our expert knowledge and 100% Volkswagen Genuine Parts manufacturer quality.

More about counterfeit parts

Wheels and tyres

They’re your only point of contact with the road: Summer or all-season tyres, with optional innovative AirStop® technology. Here you'll find information about tyres and practical tips on tread depth, rims, wheel/tyre combinations and more.

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Accident and breakdown assistance

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