Volkswagen Group Ireland
Modern Slavery Statement

Volkswagen Group Ireland (VGIE) is a private limited company incorporated in Ireland and headquartered in Dublin. VGIE is a subsidiary of Volkswagen AG (“VWAG”), and is an importer of VWAG products.

VGIE trades as Volkswagen Ireland, Audi Ireland, SEAT Ireland, CUPRA Ireland, ŠKODA Ireland and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Ireland.

This 2023 statement has been issued in accordance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015 (“Act”), and sets out the steps we have taken to address the risk of slavery or human trafficking occurring in VGIE’s supply chain or within its own operations.

This statement sets out our activities and work on Modern Slavery completed within the financial year which ended 31 December 2022. This statement also incorporates the Business and Human Rights statement of VWAG, which sets Volkswagen Group’s global approach, processes and principles to combat slavery and human trafficking. The VWAG statement is a global statement which is updated annually. Where applicable, VGIE has adopted these or similar processes in its operations in Ireland. For the latest version of the VWAG statement, please see the link below:

Click here to see the latest version of the VWAG statementOpens an external link

Furthermore, VGIE has taken additional steps throughout 2022 to combat the risk of slavery or human trafficking within its supply chain:

  1. The continuing communication about the whistleblowing system responsible for receiving and processing reports of serious regulatory violations. Our employees, business partners and other third parties may use various channels within the whistleblowing system to report modern slavery concerns or incidents.
  2. The promotion of sustainability and compliance regulations within the on-boarding of new suppliers by the provision of a Supplier Code of Conduct. This sets out VGIE’s expectations of our business partner’s conduct with respect to social, compliance and modern slavery standards.
  3. The ongoing regular risk management process at VGIE, including risk assessments of higher risk suppliers and supplier on-site assessments completed; risks of human rights violations are reported annually to VWAG.

As a business, VGIE maintains its zero tolerance approach to any form of modern slavery and this is enshrined as one of the core principles of its purchasing policy. However, VGIE acknowledges that modern slavery exists and is a risk to all businesses. To that end, during the course of 2023, VGIE will continue to monitor the modern slavery risk of its supplier base and suggest actions to mitigate any risks arising.

In the event that any of VGIE’s business partners are found to be engaging in slavery or other unethical working practices, it will take steps to address those issues with this business partner, seek to drive improved standards and, if necessary, terminate its relationships with any such business partners.              

VGIE Board of Management