A Touareg on a country road, mountains in the background – all-season tyres

All-season tyres

Do you want to save yourself a tyre change and a second set of tyres? Then our all-weather tyres are just the thing for you. Learn more about the benefits or find the answers to any unanswered questions in our FAQs.

Tyre Services

Tyre Services

A service employee looks at the wheels of a blue VW car – Wheel and Tyre Services

Whether Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn coming up, it's essential to have the right tyres to match the season conditions and maintain maximum grip. So book your Volkswagen in for a tyre service, and our experts can prepare your vehicle for the road ahead. 

All-season tyre FAQs

  • A VW service employee checks the left front tyre of a Volkswagen – tyre packages

    Wheel and Tyre options

    There’s a lot to consider when changing tyres' such as size, pressure, and type. Our expert technicians can advise you on the best wheel and tyre setup for your Volkswagen


  • A close-up of a VW tyre – Tyre Warranty

    Tyre Warranty

    Damage happens. With our Tyre warranty, you’ll have nothing more to worry about. Whether it's a broken-in pointed object, vandalism or kerbing impact, Volkswagen Tyre Insurance is automatically applied when you purchase a new Volkswagen from an Authorised Volkswagen Retailer and protects you for up to 3 years.

  • A man with a dog, in the background a parked ID.4 in a garage

    Service plans

    Our Service Plans are designed to make servicing costs remarkably affordable, ensuring good care of your Volkswagen and less worry. Choosing a Volkswagen Service Plan ensures all your routine servicing costs, for both parts and labour are fixed over a period of time.

Useful information about wheels

Do you want to know how the tread depth of your tyres is measured or why the right tyre pressure is so important? On our information page, you’ll find the answers to these and many more questions as well as more content about wheels, tyres, rims and co.

Braking distance on a wet surface

We have provided a visualisation of different braking distances on a wet road for a vehicle with winter tyres compared to one fitted with summer tyres. As you can see: Greater traction means a shorter braking distance and reduced risk of an accident.