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Discover the world of the Volkswagen models

Do you drive a Volkswagen? Here, you’ll find useful facts and important customer information about your car.

myVolkswagen – your customer area

The personal zone for you and your Volkswagen. Here, you’ll find a compilation of all relevant information on your vehicle, plus interesting offers, services, campaigns and much more.

ID. software updates

ID. software updates

A VW service employee hands over the key of the VW ID.3 to his customer

Everything you need to know about the latest ID. software updates

Here you can find out everything you need to know about software updates for the Volkswagen ID. Family and how to perform them. Benefit from new and improved functions and keep your vehicle up to date.

Customer information

We inform you about important and current topics concerning your Volkswagen.

A snowy mountain landscape – declarations of conformity and ingredients

Declarations of conformity and ingredients

Find declarations of conformity, operating instructions and lists of ingredients here.

A VW emergency vehicle on a mountain road

Important information in case of an emergency

Here, we provide first responders with our rescue data sheets.

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  • A VW service employee checks the tyres of a Volkswagen – wheel knowledge

    Wheel knowledge

    What is the minimum tread depth? How do you mount snow chains and what does 205 55 R 16 mean? The topics of tyres and rims often raise questions. On this page, you’ll find the answers as well as relevant basic information.

  • A VW service employee checks the oil level of a Volkswagen – oil knowledge

    Oil knowledge

    If you want to find out more about your engine oil, you’re in the right place. We explain what 5W-30 on the bottle means, how to correctly measure the oil level and much more. You can also learn about our Oil Service.

  • Detailed shot of a VW brake disc – brake knowledge

    Brake knowledge

    This page contains information on what components are involved in your braking system, when the system needs to be changed, and what you can do when you see signs of early wear.