A VW service employee checks the engine inside a VW car
A VW service employee checks the engine inside a VW car
A VW service employee checks the engine inside a VW car

The heart of your Volkswagen

Chassis, engines, gears – discover which car parts are especially important for your mobility. Are you experiencing problems with a component and need a repair? Are you interested in engine information? No matter whether your car runs on diesel or petrol, you’ll find the answers to your questions here.

VW engine – spare part for your car
The engine is the beating heart of your Volkswagen

Genuine timing belts and spark plugs – so your Volkswagen runs even more smoothly

Engines want a timing belt that is made of solid material. It can transfer forces for longer and is flexible enough to adjust itself and keep tension at a constant. What about spark plugs? We ensure that they ignite reliably; that they ensure optimal combustion and don’t overheat, thereby guaranteeing smooth engine operation and lower consumption. We have compiled the advantages of our genuine engine for you.

Volkswagen Genuine Timing Belts in a workshop with a VW service employee in the background – spare parts for your car
Volkswagen timing belt: FAQs

If you really want to learn about a Volkswagen genuine timing belt, we recommend our FAQs.

Volkswagen Spark Plugs

VW service employee holds a Volkswagen Genuine Spark Plugs in his hand
Your Volkswagen spark plugs: FAQs

Do you still have some unanswered questions about spark plugs? No problem, you’ll find the right answer here!

Lowered suspension

How about a lowered vehicle body for your Volkswagen? Discover the ideal combination of sporty style and driving comfort whilst maintaining a high level of safety. In addition to a strong performance, the lowered suspension also enables more sporty driving characteristics.

A grey VW Golf GTI with stylish accents and a tuned lowered suspension
Volkswagen Genuine Brake with braking standard ECE-R90
Your brakes tailored for your Volkswagen

Volkswagen Brakes produced to perfectly suit your Volkswagen

Our Volkswagen Genuine Brakes are adjusted according to engine performance, vehicle weight and your model’s maximum speed. Your advantages: Long service life and braking comfort with minimum wear. The brakes are designed for your Volkswagen and together with brake discs and blocks, they interact with your brake system. For quality that goes beyond the statutory braking standard, ECE-R90.

Our air filters for your engine

The air filter supports the precise injection of the fuel/air mixture – an absolute must for efficient combustion, maximum engine performance and low fuel consumption. Enjoy the benefits of high functionality in almost any situation, in the most diverse weather conditions and driving environments.

Book an air filter service today

Volkswagen Genuine Air Filter in a workshop with a VW service employee in the background – spare parts for your car
Volkswagen Genuine Shock Absorbers – VW car parts
Working together for greater comfort and safety

Our shock absorbers

They are perfectly matched to your Volkswagen model, chassis and assistance systems. They guarantee a comfortable drive and help you stay on track. During acceleration, braking and steering – the shock absorbers stabilise, absorb and ensure excellent traction. So your Volkswagen reacts effortlessly to uneven road surfaces. Read more about the advantages of our Volkswagen genuine shock absorbers.

Your Volkswagen shock absorbers: FAQs

We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions on the topic of shock absorbers, as well as the corresponding answers.

Volkswagen Genuine Silencer
For a quieter journey

Volkswagen Genuine Silencers

You can never have enough peace and quiet, that’s why our silencers are particularly efficient when it comes to absorbing exhaust noise – they’re 2 dB quieter than the legal requirement. Thanks to high-quality materials and efficient protection against rust, the silencers have an especially long service life. And they are also corrosion and heat-resistant.

Your Volkswagen silencers: FAQs

When and why does my silencer need to be changed? Can I do it myself? Get to know your Volkswagen silencer even better!

Rear silencer muffler

Add some extra special touches down to the very last detail, even on the tail – a great match for the aerodynamic design. Whether it’s a Golf 5, Golf 6 or Jetta 6: Discover mufflers for your silencer.


A red VW car with tuned rear silencer muffler – Volkswagen Accessories

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