We Connect comfort services - Feels like it was made for you

Feels like it was made for you.

Feels like it was made for you.

Need the car, but your partner's got the key? Just get it sent to you by smartphone. With personalisation, your personal settings are activated in an instant. Feel at home – even on the way to work: Just say “Drive me to work” and your Volkswagen will start navigation. After all, it understands you better than ever. That’s teamwork.

This is an offer by Volkswagen AG, Germany.

Online Auxiliary Heater

On cold days, you can pre-warm your car whilst you are still having breakfast. The Online Auxiliary Heater* service also allows you to configure departure times via the We Connect app, so that your vehicle will always be heated and de-iced when you want to set off.

* Only works if you have the auxiliary heating feature.

We Connect - Climatise your vehicle before your trip with your smartphone
We Connect - Your smartphone becomes a car key

Mobile key

No more searching for keys – your smartphone acts as a mobile key*, opening and starting your Volkswagen in an instant. Send more digital keys to your friends and family and make it easy to use your vehicle. The first five mobile keys are available to you for free; further mobile keys can be purchased directly via the In-Car Shop of your infotainment system or in the We Connect web shopOpens an external link. Alternatively, you can visit your Volkswagen dealership for assistance.

* Only available with the optional “Discover Pro” (for Passat, Arteon and Golf) or “Discover Media” (only Golf) navigation systems and in conjunction with the We Connect app. Five free mobile keys are available to start with for the Passat and the Arteon and, once the function has been purchased, five mobile keys are also available for the Golf. Mobile keys can be redeemed within the first four years of conclusion of the We Connect contract. The transfer of a mobile key requires a key sender identity check through the Volkswagen Ident procedure. Following installation on a compatible smartphoneOpens an external link, the mobile key has a one-year validity period tied to the device.


Your Volkswagen recognises you – and once you have set up your VW account and logged in for the first time in your vehicle, it automatically activates your personal settings for numerous systems, including seat, light, air conditioning, infotainment, navigation and driver assistance, depending on your equipment level. Maximum convenience when changing vehicles and for different users.

We Connect - Simply take your personalised settings with you
We Connect - Online Voice Control

Online Voice Control

With the optional voice control* online upgrade, you can enhance your vehicle’s voice control. Select your favourite music online, search for your favourite internet radio station with voice command, and take advantage of the intuitive destination input while navigating. In the new Golf, you can also dictate emails or have them read out to you or operate your in-car apps – without taking your eyes off the road.

* (Online) Voice Control is currently available for the following languages: German, English (GB and US), French, Spanish, Czech and Italian. 

Service Scheduling

Your Volkswagen can take care of arranging service appointments for you if you wish, so that you can focus on the important things in life. As soon as a service such as an inspection or oil change is due, the vehicle can send all the important data to your preferred authorised workshop if you wish and if it has online connectivity, and the workshop will contact you to arrange an appointment.* You can easily search for and select a Volkswagen authorised workshop in your myVolkswagen customer account or in the We Connect app. The transferred data even allows your workshop to estimate how much time you should allow for the service appointment – so your service scheduling practically takes care of itself.

* Further information on data processing can be found in the Privacy Policy here:  www.myvolkswagen.net/weconnect-legal-mod123Opens an external link

We Connect – easily arranging a service appointment

Get in touch with us

Get in touch with us


Any questions, ideas or feedback? Then give us a call.

Contact us on 1800 - 930 066Opens a phone link (free from all Irish networks). We’re available around the clock. If your telephone provider does not support this number, please call 01 - 653 3522Opens a phone linkThe costs are based on the relevant rate charged by your provider. In the case of calls from abroad, roaming charges may apply.

You can also send an email to:
weconnect-support@volkswagen.deOpens a mail link

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