A VW Technician examining Volkswagen Genuine + Tyres
A VW Technician examining Volkswagen Genuine + Tyres
A VW Technician examining Volkswagen Genuine + Tyres

The right wheels and tyres for your Volkswagen

Your tyres are your only contact with the road. Discover information, Volkswagen products and services concerning your wheels and tyres – right here.

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Summer wheels and summer tyres

Gives heat the cold shoulder. As soon as temperatures exceed 7°C, summer tyres are the clear winner. They increase your safety and look great at the same time.

Volkswagen Genuine +Tyres

Small plus, big effect

Volkswagen Genuine + tyres are developed and tested with leading tyre manufacturers especially for our Volkswagen models. The result is quality tyres that harmonise with the individual characteristics of your vehicle model and thus bring all the performance to the road. With Volkswagen Genuine + tyres, you benefit from tailor-made premium quality that gives you the assurance of being well-prepared for almost any driving situation on the road. Excellent performance that you can recognise at first glance: by the plus symbol!

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Airstop Tyres

Volkswagen AirStop®¹ tyres

Stay mobile, arrive more safely
A flat tyre is a nuisance. In order to prevent this in advance, we recommend Volkswagen AirStop®¹ tyres. Thanks to a special technology from leading tyre manufacturers, if the tread is damaged with a puncture² by a foreign body, the tyre is sealed. This way the air cannot escape. You also save time, enjoy comfort and stay on the road.

¹AirStop® is a registered trademark u. a. in DE, FR, IT, ES, CZ, CN, USA. Volkswagen uses this under license. All rights and technical changes reserved.

²Pitch canal / injury up to 5 mm in diameter

Volkswagen Tyre Care

Because damage happens

When you buy new tyres from participating Volkswagen partners, there is an extra safety bonus: The tyre insurance is included in the tyre price and insures tyre damage that goes beyond the warranty of the tyre manufacturer.

Whether it's a broken-in pointed object, vandalism or kerbing impact:

Volkswagen Tyre Insurance protects you up to 36 months after purchasing your new tyres/complete wheels for your Volkswagen from a participating Volkswagen partner company against certain claims that are not covered by the product warranty.

Terms and conditions apply. 

VW Tyre Care
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Tyre knowledge

Do you know how to measure tyre pressure and tread depth correctly, how to read the EU tyre label, or when it’s time for your tyres to retire? Learn more about your tyres here.

Disclaimer by Volkswagen

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