A man with a smartphone leans against his white VW car with polished rims – Volkswagen wheels and tyres
A man with a smartphone leans against his white VW car with polished rims – Volkswagen wheels and tyres
A man with a smartphone leans against his white VW car with polished rims – Volkswagen wheels and tyres

The right wheels and tyres for your car

  1. Wheels and tyres

Your tyres are your only contact with the road. Discover information, Volkswagen products and services concerning your wheels and tyres – right here.

A woman on a skateboard drives past a red VW up!

Summer wheels and summer tyres

Gives heat the cold shoulder. As soon as temperatures exceed 7°C, summer tyres are the clear winner. They increase your safety and look great at the same time.

Passes almost every acid test


Driven over kerbs, nails or glass shards? With the self-sealing AirStop® tyres, you won’t have to worry about any of that anymore – thanks to the sealing technology. The tyre sealant inside covers foreign objects and closes off the puncture without any loss of pressure. That way, you can make your way to the nearest Authorised Volkswagen Repairer at the same speed without losing a single second. Fewer flat tyres, more mobility.

Illustration of the inside of an AirStop® tyre with sealing technology, that protects the tyre from pressure loss in case of damage

Your benefits

  • More driving comfort:
    No pressure loss after a puncture: Driving behaviour remains stable.
  • Protects against numerous damages:
    Full protection, even in the event of several punctures.
  • Same driving comfort:
    In comparison to standard tyres.
  • Saves space and fuel:
    Due to elimination of the spare wheel.

Our AirStop® programme

Safe on the road – AirStop® tyres are filled with a viscous mass which seals against punctures of up to 5 mm in depth and prevents pressure loss in the tyre. Your driving behaviour remains stable and you can drive trouble-free to your nearest Volkswagen Partner. Take a look at this special feature in the video.

A man with a smartphone stands next to his yellow VW Golf with summer wheels

Tyre knowledge

Do you know how to measure tyre pressure and tread depth correctly, how to read the EU tyre label, or when it’s time for your tyres to retire? Learn more about your tyres here.

Disclaimer by Volkswagen
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