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Air Conditioning and Filter

Benefit from our Air Conditioning Service and get to know the various filters and their functions in your Volkswagen.

Air Conditioning Service

Air Conditioning Service

A VW service employee adjusts something on the air conditioning system – VW Air Conditioning Service

The air conditioning system ensures a pleasant interior climate and prevents your windscreen from fogging up in winter or on rainy days. We check the functionality of your air conditioning system, focussing on its operating functions and vent temperature, and also conduct a visual inspection of its components, such as the compressor, condenser and dryer. The refrigerant is also included in this service.

Volkswagen Genuine Filters

For reducing dust and pollen

The filter absorbs foreign particles and catches dirt. It reduces dust and pollen in the vehicle interior and even cleans the air of nitrogen oxides and allergens.

Your benefits

  • Pure air:
    The particulate and activated charcoal layers protect against (fine) dust, pollen, soot, allergens, aerosols and partially against ozone.
  • Strong:
    The allergen layer absorbs several allergens and impedes mould and bacteria growth.
  • Clean:
    Effective filtering of contaminants from the air contributes to clean windows and good visibility.
VW Genuine Filters

Air conditioning and filter FAQs

Our services for your air conditioning system and filters

If you are interested in our services for your air conditioning system and filters, we are here to help.